Marfan Mike Is Dead – Know About His Bio And Cause Of Death

Marfan Mike Is Dead – Know About His Bio And Cause Of Death

Marfan Mike is dead as confirmed by several Twitter users including Shuli, a popular stand-up comic, writer, gamer, and podcaster. Read the full article to know about his cause of death.

Mike is popular for being a Howard Stern official Wackpacker and the host of the “Two Idiots Vs. The World”, a weekly comedy, talk radio, and talk show podcast. In this show, Mike along with JT Mutt talk about things that they don’t know.

While the “Wack Pack” refers to a group of characters who have appeared on The Howard Stern Show, an American entertainment talk radio show. He was accepted into the Wack Pack members after two years.

Obituary: Is Marfan Mike Dead? His Death Cause Revealed

According to, Marfan Mike is dead but the website hasn’t revealed his death cause. The news was later confirmed by Shuli who is also a stand-up comic writer.

Several people on Twitter shared their condolences. But we can’t be sure about the news until any official authority speaks out. Even his family members haven’t revealed any information regarding his sudden pass away. 

Mike has already survived a coma. His health condition was critical during that time and even he lost his speaking ability. He was paralyzed twice in 2019 and was forced to relearn how to walk.

He was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia-like symptoms in 2019 and was absent for almost a year from the show.

Marfan Mike Wife: Is He Married?

As of now, there is no news of Marfan Mike getting married or having a wife.

According to his Facebook account, his marital status is single. Also, he hasn’t disclosed any significant information about his previous relationship to the media or the public.

He spends most of his time taking care of his health condition and his disease doesn’t allow him to live a very active life. He enjoys time being on the show.

Marfan Mike Age And Wikipedia Explored

Marfan Mike celebrates his birthday on June 23 every year but his age is yet to be updated on Wikipedia pages.

However, Mike seems to be running in his late 30s. He is known as Mike Diamond among the Wack Pack members.

Mike always tried to keep his personal life away from the media. Due to his critical health condition, he kept himself away from the public and he was hospitalized for almost a year.

Mike was born and raised in Florida, USA. Since his childhood, he was a very serious and hard-working guy. But after he was diagnosed with a genetic disease, he was completely hopeless. However, he made it to the popular radio talk shows and established his career.



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