What Was Ronnie Spector Ethnicity? Everything To Know About Her Family And Parents

What Was Ronnie Spector Ethnicity? Everything To Know About Her Family And Parents


Ronnie Spector was an American singer from The Ronettes who recently went to the death bed at the age of 78 years. What was her ethnicity? Know her parents, kids, and husband.

Ronnie Spector was born on the 10th of August, 1943 in East Harlem, New York. The Be My Baby singer initiated The Ronettes, a group of three girls that performed songs and concerts.   

Beginning the explore her career music career along with her Ronette team; elder sister Estella Bennett, and cousin Nedra Talley; the three of them got the recognition of The Darling Sisters.

She is no longer between us because of cancer taking her life on the 12th of January, 2022. But she will always be alive in her evergreen songs like Walking in the Rain, So Young, Unfinished Business, Take Me Home Tonight, and so on.  

What Was Ronnie Spector Ethnicity?

Ronnie Spector was a child born from parents of mixed ethnicity. Having the birth name of Veronica Yvette Bennett, she grew up in a family of Irish-American father and African-American-Cherokee mother.

Likewise, the singer was a legal American citizen. Besides, she was the victim of a bully at her school for being an African-American with light skin.

Ronnie Spector Parents

Ronnie Spector was born to her parents Beatrice Bennett and Louis Bennett. Ronnie is believed to be the second child of the couple after the first daughter Estella was born in the year 1941.

The parents always visited their mother and took their children to their grandmother for the weekend.  


Ronnie Spector Kids

Ronnie Spector happened to be a mother of five kids. The three of them were adopted by her ex-husband Phil. The first child, Donte Phillip Spector was adopted in 1969 followed by the adoption of twin sons Gary Phillip Spector and Louis Phillip Spector in the year 1981.

On the other hand, Jason Charles Greenfield and Austin Drew Greenfield were born from her second husband.


Ronnie Spector Husband

Ronnie Spector was married to two husbands in her lifetime. The first partner of the singer was Phil Spector with who she took the wedding vow in the year 1968. He was a married man who kept it secret from the singer for a while.

Even though they lived in their separate villa in Beverly Hills, she had to be the victim of torture and suppression by the first partner of her life. That eventually ended in the year 1974.

Later on, she got married to her manager Jonathon Greenfield in the year 1982. 



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