Obituary: Where Is Sally Prager Now? From The Mixed Up Files Actress Passed Away -Details To Know

Obituary: Where Is Sally Prager Now? From The Mixed Up Files Actress Passed Away -Details To Know

Sally Prager was cast in “The Mixed-Up Files,” who ran away from her home at 12 with her younger brother. Where is she now? How Did She Die?

Sally Prager was seen in other few movies like Gabriel’s Fire and General Hospital, which were released in 1990 and 1963, respectively. It has been known that she was residing in Sweden.

The movie “The Mixed-up Files” is based on the novel of E.L. Konigsburg, which portrays teenage fantasy. The 1973 movie based on the novel is itself a masterpiece from 50 years back.

Fielder Cook was the director, whereas produced by Charles G. Mortimer is still remembered in public. Miss Pager did a brilliant job as a teenager in the movie.  

Obituary: Where Is Sally Prager Now? Death Cause 

Sally Prager recently passed away, and the cause is supposed to be cancer. Sally, along with the little brother in the movie Jamie, hid in the museum for a week without letting anyone know and took baths in there.

The teenagers in their 12 and 10 years of age leave their parents to follow their adventures. The daughter of a well-renowned theatre director and actor fled away from the home to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Sally Prager Age

Sally Prager was 12 years old in the movie, while her co-actor Johny Doran was 10. He is 59 now, in 2021. Similarly, Sally would have been 61 years old.

She lost her father, Stanley Prager, at the age of 55 because of a heart attack. The actress is not found on Wikipedia, but her father is.


Sally Prager Family

Sally Prager was born in a family where she has a father with the profession of actor. Stanley Prager, born in 1917, married her mother Georgann Johnson in the year 1954 and became parents to four children.

She was the sibling of Anne Prager, Carol Prager, and Molly Prager. 

Sally Prager Net Worth

Sally Prager’s net worth is unknown. A child artist famous for her countable movies might not have been much wealthy. As of the film, they went to the museum with their forty-four dollars adventure.

As of now, her profession is unknown, and she was not involved in Hollywood as well.

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