Obituary: Who Is John Cornell Wife? – Age And Death Cause Explained

Obituary: Who Is John Cornell Wife? – Age And Death Cause Explained

The iconic Australian film producer John Cornell was married to his wife Delvene Delaney for nearly 4 and a half-decade until his recent death. 

John Cornell was an Australian film producer, businessman, writer, and actor, recognized as an iconic personality in the Australian movie industry. 

Known for his movies and Tv shows like Crocodile Dundee movie series, The Paul Hogan Show, Almost An Angel, and many others, John Cornell had gained a huge reputation in the industry. 

As an academy award winner for the original screenplay writer, John Cornell is recognized by almost all of the professionals in the cinema world. 

Well, whatever a person is and achieves, life comes to an end. On July 23, 2021, the veteran personality took his last breath. 

After his death, people are widely concerned regarding his family, wife, and other relating details. Indeed, these matters are being widely looked over on the web. 

Who Is John Cornell Wife Delvene Delaney?

John Cornell was married to his wife Delvene Delaney for 44 years at the time of his death. 

John and Delvene got married way back in time, in the year 1977, and were together ever since. 

In these years of their marriage and togetherness, they face birth to 3 children. 

These children are their beautiful daughters Liana Cornell, aged 31 years; Allira Cornell; and Melissa Cornell, ages 50 years. 

Regarding his wife Delvene Delaney as an individual, she also is a renowned Australian personality. 

Currently 69 years old, Delvene is a former soap opera and film actress who is also recognized for her songs and production. 

Since both of them were from the cinema industry, it seems obvious that they met each other this way. 

John, at the ending phase of his life, was with his wife Delvene in their house, where he took his last breath. 

John Cornell Age: How Old Was He?

John Cornell dies at the age of 80. 

He was born on March 2, 1941, in Kalgoorlie Boulder, Western Australia. 

John Cornell Cause Of Death

The cause of John Cornell’s death is the complications caused by Parkinson’s disease. 

John was first diagnosed with this disease about 20 years ago, and he was battling it ever since. 

Previously the effects were not that serious, but with passing time and stages building up, it became difficult for him. 

Eventually, after 20 years of fights, John passed away. Many people have posted regarding his death to provide condolences to his family and wife. 

What Is John Cornell Net Worth?

John Cornell had a net worth of over $5 million. 

As a renowned film producer, businessman, and actor, John most certainly had a net worth of over 5 million dollars.