Who are Olivia & William Luxon? Meet Chris Luxon Children and Family

Who are Olivia & William Luxon? Meet Chris Luxon Children and Family

If you are wondering who Olivia Luxon and William Luxon are, they are the daughter and son of a politician from New Zealand, Chris Luxon. 

The politician from the National Party is an amazing father to his children Olivia and William. After working at Unilever for 18 years, he joined Air New Zealand by resigning his position as CEO. 

The former member of parliament for Botany electorate and chief executive officer of New Zealand, Christopher Luxon, was born on the 19th of July, 1970 in Christchurch, Canterbury Region.  

He is against abortion rights and cannabis legalization in Australia. 

Olivia & William Luxon -Meet Chris Luxon Children And Family 

Chris Luxon has a beautiful family that consists of his wife Amanda Luxon and children Olivia and William. Chris posts 20 years-old photos of the four family members to revive his old memories.

Being the son of sales executive officer of Johnsons and Johnson’s father and the Psysioherapist and counselor mother, he graduated from the University of Canterbury. He gained the degree of master in business administration before getting married.  

Olivia And William Luxon Age difference

The son and daughter of a most popular politician and former businessman father, Olivia and William were probably born in 3 consecutive years.

Their exact age is not known, but they are indeed above 20 years. 

Their parents married each other in 1994 when the father, Chris, was 23 years old. William was born as the first child, followed by the arrival of Olivia after a few years. 

Olivia & William Luxon Religion And Ethnicity 

Their extremely religious Catholic parents brought up Olivia Luxon and William Luxon. Their father happens to be an evangelical Christian. Adding to the fact, it was in the Church that their parents fell in love as teenagers.

The entire family, along with Olivia ad William followed Christianity. The 51 years old Chris has cultured his children about the norms and values of Christianity, and they follow his path. 

Olivia Luxon and William Luxon come from native Australian ethnic backgrounds. Their grandfather was the chief of Air New Zealand at his time. Being the children of a father born and brought up in Aukland, they hold Australian citizenship.

William followed the trails left by his father and joined Air New Zealand in 2019 as a cabin crew. 

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