Onlyjayus Cancelled: Did She Say The N Word? Racist Messages Screenshot And Drama Explained

Onlyjayus Cancelled: Did She Say The N Word? Racist Messages Screenshot And Drama Explained

TikTok star Onlyjayus’s racist messages screenshot has led to her cancelation on the platform.

Onlyjayus is pretty much famous for making facts videos on TikTok. However, the majority of the people find her video nonsensical or just flat out false.

She recently involved herself in a controversy after being caught delivering racist slurs in a text message. 

Quick Facts:
Name Onlyjayus
Age 15-25
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession TikTok Star
Married/Single Single
Instagram @onlyjayus

Did Onlyjayus Say The N Word? Racist Messages Screenshot And Drama Explained

Recently, a racist messages screenshot surfaced on the internet, which shows TikTok star Onlyjayus using the N word.

After the screenshot of Onlyjayus’s text surfaced, netizens were quick to react to it. It is reported that the screenshot was from a year-old conversation.

According to HITC, it was unclear with whom was Onlyjayus. But, the word used in the conversation was enough to spark outrage. Her fans were upset to see this and flooded her comment section asking to address it as well as questioning her silence. 

Onlyjayus’s Apology Video Explained 

After keeping quiet for several days, Onlyjayus broke her silence and came up with an apology video. She shared the video on her Twitter citing it was frustrating, waiting for her to address her recent controversy.  

In a video, the TikTok star explained that she had said a lot of disgusting things to people and she was ashamed of herself for using such racist slurs.

Onlyjayus, who is a female by gender, further described that she knew what the word meant and the power behind it. But, she said it anyway because it was the meanest that she could think of that time. 

Onlyjayus especially apologized to those in the black community saying that black people were the only ones who could forgive her for immature behavior.

She also mentioned that the screenshot was not a reflection of her true image. When she first saw the screenshot, she didn’t believe they were real because she forgot how hateful and the angry person she used to be. 

Onlyjayus Leaving Tiktok?

Onlyjayus tweeted that she was manifesting her YouTube this year so that she could step away from TikTok a little more.

It seems she is trying to dip from the platform so that she can focus on her YouTube career. However, her fans have already started tweeting that they will miss her on TikTok. 

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Last Modified: February 14, 2021

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