Who Is Youtuber Optimus? Everything On His Face Reveal And Real Name

Who Is Youtuber Optimus? Everything On His Face Reveal And Real Name

Optimus’s growing popularity as a YouTuber has led to many wondering his real name and face reveal. So, read along, here is what we know.

Optimus is a professional YouTuber. 

Along with this, Optimus is also a streamer and rapper.

Moreover, he has been on Youtube as Optimus since 2012 and is now a rising YouTube star in the United States.

Optimus is also compared to Birdman, one of the renowned and large YouTube channels, because of their alike contents. 

He generally uploads ROBLOX videos, which are educational as well as entertaining. Besides this, he mainly focuses on trading topics, thus attracting many viewers alongside subscribers.

YouTuber Optimus Face Reveal And Real Name

YouTuber Optimus’s real name is Nathan. However, he hasn’t revealed his face yet.

Until today, there isn’t any information accessible about Optimus’s full name and his revealed face.

Also, there is not any information available on whether Optimus is dating someone or not. 

Nonetheless, it is clearly seen Optimus likes to stay low-key about his personal life. Hence, most probably he is dating someone right now. 

YouTuber Optimus’s Age And Wikipedia

As of 2021, Optimus estimated age is between 20-21 years old. 

According to worthy, Optimus was 12 years old, when he started his youtube channel. Since he started his youtube channel on April 4, 2012, hence he must be between the age of 20 to 21 years old now for sure.

Youtuber Optimus is based in Ohio, according to FANDOM. 

According to his youtube birth details, his birth sign is Gemini. 

Until today, YouTuber Optimus isn’t surfaced on the Wikipedia page.

However, we can find his short bio on many online sites including FANDOM.

YouTuber Optimus: What Is His Net Worth?

Optimus has reportedly collected a net worth of around $708 thousand yet.

We are sure that Optimus’s main source of income is YouTube. He earns approximately $10 thousand per month from his YouTube content. 

Further, he has been engaged as a popular YouTuber for years. He has millions of fan followings and viewers. Hence, he should have collected a decent amount of net worth yet. 

Optimus YouTube And Instagram

YouTube account Optimus has a huge number of subscribers count of about 1.16 million. 

Apart from this, he also influences his fans and followers through Instagram as @reallyoptimus. 

He has a huge fan following on Instagram as of 20.2k followers yet. 

Again talking about his YouTube channel, he keeps engaging his fans through regular video uploads on the platform.

His videos mainly include commentary, reactions, and usually comedy skits. He mainly blends gaming with his various points of view. 

He has been attracting many fans through informative content which attracts many likes and viewers. Generally, he is attracting views in a range of between 650 thousand to 750 thousand in one video.

His one of the most popular videos The Day That Minecraft Died has views of 3 million and 90k likes yet. 

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