How Old Is Oratile Maitisa? Everything To Know About ‘Skeem Saam’ Actress

How Old Is Oratile Maitisa? Everything To Know About ‘Skeem Saam’ Actress

The actress Oratile Maitisa, aged 32 years, has been slaying her role in the Drama series Skeem Saam, gaining many fans and followers. 

Oratile Maitisa is a South African actress who is widely known for her role of Eunice in The famous Drama series Skeem Saam. 

She has been in this series for around 7 years since she joined in the year 2014. 

Maitisa has impressed a lot of people with her incredible acting skills. 

Not just in the TV industry, Oratile has been a sensation in different social media.

With her rise in these media and her acting career, she has been widely looked over on the internet recently. 

Oratile Maitisa Age: How Old Is She?

The actress, Oratile Maitisa’s age is 32 years old. 

She was born on the 26th of June, 1988, somewhere in South Africa. 

Oratile Maitisa Wikipedia And Instagram

Oratile Maitisa is not on Wikipedia despite being a famous actress.

But, considering the fact that she is only seen in one TV project until now, it seems obvious that she is not mentioned on the platform. 

There are a few sources that provide information regarding her on the web, and we have managed to extract some information regarding her. 

As mentioned, Oratile is an actress in the Drama series Skeem Saam since 2014.

In her interview with SabcNews, she has expressed more about herself. 

She said that she wanted to become a social worker and help people in need.

Not just acting, but she is also very good at singing and dancing since she took classes at an academy. 

Regarding Instagram, she is on the platform under the username @oratilemaitisa. She has around 77k followers on this handle. 

As per her Instagram, it seems like her real name is Mosebjadi Oratile Tlhologelo. 

Oratile Maitisa Boyfriend: Is She Dating Someone?

Oratile Maitisa is in a relationship, and she does have a boyfriend. But, she has revealed no information regarding him except that he is not from the Tv industry. 

However, she is in a relationship for a long time, according to Opera News. Also, there have been several questioning regarding her having a baby. 

Oratile recently revealed that she is planning on conceiving a baby since her mother wants her to have one. 

And, considering the fact that she has a boyfriend, she might be having her baby with him. Still, nothing is confirmed yet. 

What Is Oratile Maitisa Net Worth?

There is not much information regarding the net worth of Oratile Maitisa. 

However, considering her role as Eunice in the Drama Skeem Saam, she must have gained a pretty sound net worth. 

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