Paige Desorbo Hometown: Where Is The Summer House Star Who Modeled For “Limited Too” From?

Paige Desorbo Hometown: Where Is The Summer House Star Who Modeled For “Limited Too” From?

Born and raised in her hometown Loudonville in New York, Paige Desorbo recently confirmed dating her co-star Craig Conover.

We know Paige Desorbo for her performance in the TV series Summer House where she gave a mesmerizing on-screen presence.

Now, the American actress is already making headlines with her new TV series Winter House right from the first episode.

More than her acting headlines are the news reports confirming the actress in a romantic relationship with the fellow Winter House co-star Craig Conover.

With such exposure and public attention, it is obvious that her fans and the viewers are interested in knowing more about Desorbo in detail.

Thus, here is everything you need to know about Paige Desorbo from her hometown to her boyfriend.

Where Is Paige Desorbo Hometown?

The Winter House cast Paige Desorbo’s hometown is Loudonville which is located in Albany County of New York in the United States.

CBSAlbany further confirms that Desrobo was actually born and raised in her hometown Loudonville and has always been in the same area since her birth.

Even to this date, Desorbo does all of the social media modelling as well as acting works from New York City.

Since she was born and raised in NY, we can also expect her parents to be well settled in the area to be able to raise their daughter in such an expensive city.

Paige Desorbo Boyfriend Craig Conover

Paige Desorbo is reportedly in a romantic relationship with her boyfriend and co-star Craig Conover.

While talking to People about their relationship, Desorbo revealed that she and her now-boyfriend Conover were attracted to each other since their first meeting around three years ago.

However, they were never single and ready for a new relationship in the meantime, even to this recent encounter.

Paige further mentioned that despite not being involved romantically, they were constantly seeing each other.

Eventually, all those secret stalkings and charms towards each other ended in a better way after both found their way into Bravo’s new show Winter House.

In the show, Desorbo and Conover got to know each other better and gradually develop the love feeling in a natural way.

Now the couple is officially together for some time now and they genuinely look happy together.

Paige Desorbo Fight With Kyle Cooke

It was only the first episode of the show and a massive fight took place between Paige Desorbo and Kyle Cooke.

Apparently, Desorbo and the fellow co-cast Cooke fought over the master room in the house which Paige and Ciara took for themselves, reports Meaww.

Cooke came to the show with his fiancee(now wife) Amanda and had set his sights upon the master room in the house.

Similarly, Paige had also set sights on the same room as she was appalled by the big closets.

Eventually, Paige and Ciara ended up taking the room despite the other contestants wanting Cooke and Amanda to have private time together.

As a result, Kyle got drunk in the evening and was furious with the lady as the man even kicked a few things out of anger.

On the other hand, Amanda didn’t react much though.

Kyle seemingly felt bad about what Desorbo did as he even said about using the master room’s bathroom the next morning as the basement where he slept didn’t have one.

Following the incident, many people also took on their social media to express their opinion as some said about already hating Paige on the first episode.

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