Paige Rice Boyfriend And Death: Birmingham Car Accident Details On Reddit

Paige Rice Boyfriend And Death: Birmingham Car Accident Details On Reddit

Media influencer Paige Rice and her boyfriend faced a terrible car accident where the influencer lost her life. Here is everything you need to know about her. 

Paige Rice was an English Instagram influencer and social media personality who was recognized for her amazing beauty and body. 

She had thousands of followers on her social handles like Instagram and others and she was slowly gaining even more followers. 

However, a tragic incident happened recently and the whole media is saddened because of it. 

The young influencer sadly passed at the young age of 22 and her family is devastated. 

With the news of her passing away, people have been very eager to find out more and more about how her life was. 

Not just that, but matters regarding her boyfriend, death, the car accident, Reddit posts, and the gofundme site for her are rising rapidly. 

Who Is Paige Rice Boyfriend?

Paige Rice was in a relationship with her boyfriend, whose identity is not revealed yet. 

Well, there were not even a lot of people who knew that she had a boyfriend because she never mentioned anything about him on her social handles. 

The information about her partner was revealed after the news of their accidents went viral, so we do not have the identity of the person yet. 

More information might be revealed soon, so stuck with us for more related details. 

Paige Rice Death: Birmingham Car Accident 

The social influencer Paige Rice was in an accident that happened in Birmingham, England, and she lost her life there. 

As per reports, she was with her boyfriend in his car and they were returning to their home. 

While that was happening, they had terrible contact with a running taxi and it created bad destruction. 

In the incident, Paige passed away, her boyfriend is now left in a life-and-death situation, whereas the driver is also very serious, but is not in a life-threatening situation. 

Her boyfriend was the one driving and they both got very badly injured, leading to one’s death and one’s life-threatening condition. 

Paige Rice Accident Details On Reddit And Gofundme Page

There is not a lot of talk going on on Reddit about the influencer Paige Rice or her accident. 

Still, there are a few posts that have tried talking about it, but a detailed post is yet to come. 

However, there are many other social handles that have provided detailed information about what happened. 

Her mother posted from Paige’s Instagram handle about her death too. 

A gofundme page has been created by Charlie Millard for the family of Paige Rice and they have collected £28,607 until now, which is ner to their goal of £30,000. 

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