Who is Pasco’s Jerry Dwight Brown? Deputies Shooting Video Surfaces On Twitter

Who is Pasco’s Jerry Dwight Brown? Deputies Shooting Video Surfaces On Twitter

Jerry Dwight Brown was killed in 2014 by undercover agents. He was not given a chance to surrender.

Jerry Dwight Brown, 41, was fatally shot in an undercover drug operation in 2014.

He was an unarmed person trying to sell pills to his regular customer but little did he knew that the customer was one of the undercover agents as well.

While the agents had planned to make the final purchase of 90 Hydromorphone Tablets on that day and arrest Brown afterwards, things turned sour when the agents started shooting him which led to his death.

Now, the case had been kept out of the public media for over 6 years by the Pasco County but following the death of George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks in 2020, Brown’s case got the attention which has completely changed the reports regarding the shootout.

Here is providing you with all the details.

Who Is Jerry Dwight Brown From Pasco?

Jerry Dwight Brown was a resident of Pasco County, Florida.

He was working at his stepfather Robert Sims’s tire shop in Zephyrhills, on the day of his shooting.

Survived by his wife Tresa Brown, the 41-year-old Jerry was killed by the undercover drug agents on the 1st of July, 2014.

The Brown family settled for $262,500 without admitting liability in the case.

The victim was not considered to be a threat given his history of violent tendencies during 2000s and early-2010s.

However, Brown had a history with laws prior to his death as he was convicted of armed robbery and kidnapping 17 years earlier.

Jerry Dwight Brown Shooting Video Surfaces On Twitter

Jerry Dwight Brown’s recorded video of the shooting has found its place on Twitter.

The netizens are furious after watching the death of Jerry as the people believe that they were lied to and Brown’s family is not provided with justice.

While the case was initially considered as a drug bust, the police had stated that Brown ignored the orders to raise his hands and surrender which led to the shooting.

But, after the court ordered to release the uncut version of the video, things have turned completely different. The police had opened fire in an instant without giving Brown a time to surrender.

The video sees Brown sitting on a passenger seat dealing with his customer seconds before getting shot by the deputies.

Jerry Dwight Brown died in hospital. His memorial is placed next to the parking lot of his step-father’s tire shop.

Jerry Dwight Brown Shooting: Are Deputies Arrested?

Sgt. Clinton Cabbage and Det. Daniel Green, the deputies involved in the shooting of Jerry Dwight Brown are not arrested.

Brown was shot 4 times by the undercover agents. Meanwhile, the agents are enjoying their highest of positions now.

Clinton Cabbage is a special operation lieutenant. Daniel Green is a code enforcement corporal.

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