Pasquale Barbaro kids: Meet His Son Rosario Barbaro -Everything To Know

Pasquale Barbaro kids: Meet His Son Rosario Barbaro -Everything To Know

After the release of the Australian Gangster series, people are curious to know about Pasquale Barbaro’s life including the details on his kids. 

Pasquale Timothy Barbaro, sometimes known as Pasquale, was a notable notorious misconduct character. In 2016, the late felon was killed in the Earlwood shooting. He is still regarded as one of Sydney’s most dangerous guys to this day.

Barbaro had contacts and associations with the Calabrian Mafia in Italy, according to reports. Pasquale Barbaro is a well-known figure among police and the criminal underworld. Police and the criminal underworld are familiar with the Barbaro family.

After turning police informant, his grandfather, Pasquale Barbaro, was murdered in a gangland hit in Brisbane in 1990. In Melbourne in 2003, a cousin, another Pasquale Barbaro, was killed in a hit with infamous underworld figure Jason Moran.

His uncle, another Pasquale Barbaro, is currently serving a 30-year term for a major ecstasy raid discovered in Melbourne in 2007 which is the world’s largest.

Pasquale Barbaro Kids: Meet His Son Rosario Barbaro

Pasquale Barbaro had two kids. One of his son’s name is Rosario Barbaro. 

Hardly any information on his kid’s life is found. His kids have been well protected from the eyes of media and other personalities. 


Pasquale Barbaro Age

Pasquale Barbaro was 35 years old at the time of his death in 2016. 

Pasquale’s exact date of birth details is yet to be revealed. 

Who Is Pasquale Barbaro Wife? 

Pasquale Barbato was married and divorced from his ex-wife Melinda Barbaro. His ex-wife is a businesswoman. 

Milanda is quite a private person and prefers to keep her as well as her children’s life’s away from the limelight. In fact, she took action to stop the screening of the Australian Gangster series. Moreover, she also added that the series may cause emotional trauma to her children. 

Australian Gangster is a four-part television series that recounts the life and death of a new breed of gangster. The sort who doesn’t give a damn about staying safe, keeping a low profile, or even getting caught.


After Pasquale’s divorce from his wife, he was dating dancer Chantel Baptista. 

What Was Pasquale Barbaro Net Worth?

As of now, Pasquale Barbaro’s net worth is not mentioned. However, there is no doubt, he had made some millions in his life span. But still, the exact figure is unknown. 

Moreover, judging from his lifestyle while living, he lived a luxurious life.