What Did Patricia Cornwall Delta Airlines Do? Arrested & Facebook Photos

A woman named Patrica Cornwall was taken to custody for causing a disturbance in Delta airlines. Please continue reading this article to find out the details of the incident.

Patrica Cornwall, who allegedly caused a commotion aboard a Delta Airlines flight, is now in the custody of the FBI, according to Atlanta police.

When the plane arrived, police officers and Delta Airlines workers were waiting at the gate.

According to the airline’s onboard passengers, Patricia Cornwall provoked a “disturbance,” resulting in other passengers’ injuries, including Delta workers.

What Did Patricia Cornwall Delta Airlines Do? Charges & Arrested News

According to Atlanta Police Department, Patrica Cornwall caused a “disturbance” aboard a Delta Air Lines flight from Tampa to Atlanta on Thursday, injuring numerous individuals.

After interviewing with witnesses, Atlanta Police Department officers detained passenger Patricia Cornwall, and FBI agents apprehended her.

Officers traveled to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, where they met with Delta workers at Gate A11 to await Flight 2790’s arrival.

Cornwall was taken to the domestic Atlanta Police station before FBI agents brought her into arrest, according to fox10phoenix.com. The flight’s cause has not been revealed by investigators.

Assaults and threats against flight personnel and flight attendants are illegal under federal law.

Patrica Cornwall Facebook Photos

People began searching for Patrica Cornwall on Facebook as soon as the news of her detention became public.

However, she does not have an official Facebook account. People are interested as to why she was arrested in the first place.

Nonetheless, we are waiting for the Atlanta Police Department to clarify why Patrica raised a ruckus among her fellow passengers and injured them.

Adding on, neither the police department nor Delta Airlines have revealed her identity and photos to the public.

After revealing her identity, there could be chaos among the citizens for the woman’s behavior. So that, the authorities have not disclosed her identity yet.

Please stick with us, and we’ll give you all the details as soon as the case is made public.

Who Is Patrica Cornwall? Wikipedia And Age Details

There is not much information on Patrica Cornwall available on the internet right now. There is, however, a Wikipedia page for Patrica Cornwall, which belongs to an American crime novelist.

People are wondering if the Author is detained on the flight. Nonetheless, the arrested Patrica is a distinct individual, and little information about her is now available on the internet.

In addition, neither the local police departments nor the FBI has declared her age in front of the media. On the other hand, people are interested in learning more about Patrica’s personal life.

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