Patricia Viola Missing Update 2022: Crime Junkies Podcast Unveils Theories On Her Disappearance

Patricia Viola Missing Update 2022: Crime Junkies Podcast Unveils Theories On Her Disappearance

Patricia Viola went missing a day before Valentines’ day in 2001 leaving her friends and family in shock. Here is an update on the case in 2022.

Patricia Viola was a normal woman who lived with her husband and children in Chestnut Avenue in Bogota, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. She looked after her family had basic minimal dreams and was happy in her own little world. 

Until one Valentine’s eve, the Viola family’s lives changed completely forever. The mysterious disappearance of Patrica left everyone wondering what happened in distress and angst.

The case revived on social media keeping the public wonder after the story got featured in ‘Crime Junkie’; a podcast by Ashley Flowers.

Crime Junkie: Patricia Viola Missing Update 2022

Patricia Viola went missing a day before Valentine’s day in 2001 from her house in Bogota. It was the last day and the last place she was seen by anyone.

That morning her husband left for work and her children for school. She went to a library at 8:30 AM and returned by 11:30 after her volunteering work. After that, she again left the house at 12:30 AM. 

That was the last time she was seen and then she disappeared forever. Her husband thought she went to buy gifts for Valentines’ day and waited but his wife did not return that day, suggesting something serious might have happened.

Was Patricia Viola Ever Found?

No, Patricia Viola was never found alive, but her skeleton remains were found a year later in 2002 in Queens beach. However, it was not so easily identified or confirmed to be Viola’s remains. It took years for the positive result.

The DNA samples of the remains were taken and later were buried in the year 2005. 4 years after that in 2009, the DNA samples were taken to the lab and in 2012 finally the results came out. It matched with the belongings Viola claiming that the woman missing in 2001 is dead.

There are numerous theories discussed regarding her death. Especially in this day and age of social media, people have talks about it on Reddit and Twitter and come up with conclusions yet nothing as such has been confirmed.

Where Is Patricia Viola Husband James ‘Jim’ Viola?

Patricia Viola’s husband James ‘Jim’ Viola has definitely been traumatized by his wife’s mysterious disappearance and death. His wife’s case remains unsolved even after 20 years and this does get difficult for the family.

Her husband’s whereabouts in 2022 are not available. 

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