Patrick Feeney Age And Wiki: Everything To Know About The Musical Artist

Patrick Feeney Age And Wiki: Everything To Know About The Musical Artist

Patrick Feeney, aged 38, started out his professional journey in country music in his late teens. Read below to know more about the musician’s private life.

Patrick Feeney is a country music singer who released his first debut album in 2003. The album was titled Thanks To You.

Still living by the motto that it’s thanks to you, Feeney credits all his success to his fans as they are the reason he enjoyed public attention and spotlight.

Quick Facts:
Name Patrick Feeney
Birthday December 9
Age 38
Gender Male
Nationality Irish
Profession Musical Artist
Parents Pakie Feeney
Married/Single Engaged(Claire)
Instagram @patrickfeeneymusic
Facebook @patrickfeeneysinger

What Age Is Patrick Feeney?

Patrick Feeney is 38 years old at the time of this post. 

Born in the year 1982, the country singer’s birthday is celebrated on December 9. Further, he hails from Ireland making him belong to Irish nationality.

Patrick Feeney Wife And Family

Patrick Feeney introduced his wife-to-be to fans via his social media handles.

He recently proposed to his girlfriend, Claire on March 3 and shared the news visually with the audience.

He uploaded the pictures of them together, and his fiancé Claire can be seen showing her ring there. Not only that, but he captioned that picture as “she said yes”.  

About Patrick Feeney family, Patrick’s proud father is named Pakie Feeney whereas we could not trace out his mother’s info. More on him, he refers to himself as Father’s little man. 

Patrick Feeney Wikipedia

Patrick Feeney has no existence of a Wikipedia page, he does own an individual website.

It is known that his inspiration and influences are Glen Campbell and Marty Robbins. 

As per his site, it’s found that he was born to sing. And, at the young age of four, he would make attempts to get on the stage whenever he goes to see his father’s band performance.

How Much Is Patrick Feeney Worth?

The singer Patrick Feeney’s accurate net worth remains undisclosed for now. 

With his phenomenal success and immense popularity as a country singer, it is okay to make an assumption that he is earning a substantial amount.

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