Who Is Paul Klein? Everything To Know About The Singer

Who Is Paul Klein? Everything To Know About The Singer

Who Is Paul Klein? Lany’s pop singer Paul Klein released a new album with singer Kelsea Ballerini in the CMT music awards. 

Paul Klein is an American musical artist and former model widely known as the guitars and lead singer of the Pop band Lany. 

Paul has always been seen in the media, not just because of his music but also because of other events that happen in his life. 

Klien is always shining from the fame of being in a relationship with Dua Lipa to debuting his album on a live award show. 

Paul and American singer Kelsea Ballerini recently released their new track “I Quit Drinking” in the CMT awards show. With this went, people are eager to know more about who he is. 

Paul Klein Wikipedia: Who Is He?

Paul Klein is a famous American musical artist who got his fame initially from his pop band Lany where he was the lead singer and guitarist. 

However, he is not on Wikipedia yet, and only his band is mentioned on the platform.

Still, numerous other sources provide information regarding him. 

Paul is widely known for his songs like Malibu Nights, Mean It, and many other solos and band musical songs and performances. 

As mentioned, not just for his songs, he is also famous for his relationship with the phenomenal musical artist Dua Lipa. 

Paul Klein Age: How Old Is He?

Paul Klein’s age is 34 years old. 

He was born on 30 April 1988 in the United States. 

Paul Klein Wife And Instagram

Paul Klein is not married yet, and he does not have a wife. Also, he is not in a relationship currently. 

As mentioned several times, Paul was in a relationship with English singer Dua Lipa, which did not last for a long time. 

Currently, it does not seem like he is seeing anybody or is in a relationship. 

Regarding Instagram, he is on the platform under the username @pauljasonklein. He has around 722k followers on the platform. 

What Is Paul Klein Net Worth?

According to Biography Mask, Paul Klein’s net worth is around $1.5 million. 

Considering his songs and success, this is not surprising for anybody. 

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