Who Is Paul Murdaugh? Everything To Know About His Unexpected Death

Who Is Paul Murdaugh? Everything To Know About His Unexpected Death


Paul Murdaugh is a teenager from Carolina whose murder story is being telecasted in the two-hour episode of ABC 20/20 on Friday. Know who he is, his family, girlfriend, wiki, and age. 

ABC 20/20 happens to be a news program on the ABC that is hosted by David Muir and Amy Robach. The newsmagazine initiated in the yar 1978 has been delivering true news for 40 years. 

The show created by Roone Ariege has been telecasted on ABC News as well as American Broadcasting Company. Paul Murdaugh’s murder case was the one dealt with on the 11th episode of season 44. 

The show was telecasted at 9:00 pm on Friday with a two-hour-long episode. Similarly, the show is being streamed on Hulu on the 15th of January, 2022. 

Who Is Paul Murdaugh?

Paul Murdaugh was a minor from Carolina who was wounded in a gunshot while he was at his home with his mother. The incident was followed by him being alleged for murdering his friend, Mallory Beach. 

The teenager from Hampton County happens to be the child of attorney Alex Murdaugh.


Paul Murdaugh Family

Paul Murdaugh’s family members are high profiled people from Carolina. He was wounded by hitmen after he was out of prison on detention. Furthermore, the death of their house worker is intended to be a homicide in order to get the insurance money after her death.

His father, grandfather, and other greater family members were from the occupation of attorney and practiced prosecution. On the other hand, the family members of Mallory: Renee, and Phillip appeared on the ABC 20/20 interview to clarify the case.


Paul Murdaugh Boat Crash Or Murder By Girlfriend?

Although the incident was proved to be a boat crash, Paul Murdaugh’s girlfriend, Morgan Doughty has been blamed for causing the boat crash in order to kill Mallory.

The group of six, three couples were on their adventure in Paul’s property when one of them died. 


Paul Murdaugh Wiki and Age

Paul Murdaugh’s wiki tells to be at the age of 19 years in the year 2019. The uncontrollably intoxicated guy is 22 years old in the year 2022.

Similarly, those were not the only deaths that happened in the Murdaugh family; as their maid, Gloria Satterfield also died a mysterious death in the year 2018 followed by the theft of her family insurance by Alex.  

Follow the interview on Hulu to know more about the case.


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