Peter Cornell Realtor Net Worth: How Rich Is Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn And Emma Hernan Ex?

Peter Cornell Realtor Net Worth: How Rich Is Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn And Emma Hernan Ex?

Peter Cornell is the ex-partner of Christine Quinn from Selling Sunset. He seems to be a rich person; find out his net worth.

Apart from being a realtor, Peter Cornell is the Director of the Sports and Entertainment Division Of Oppenheim Group. Having been born in San Franciso to a well-known real estate family, he happens to be the successor.

Having an alluring career of the athlete for over a decade, he, as a member of the NBA, played basketball for several teams from all over the world, including china and japan. 

He was dating two popular realtors, Christine Quinn ad Emma Hernan at the same time. His appearance in the Selling Sunset happens to be most noticed by the public.

Realtor: Peter Cornell Net Worth

Peter Cornell is a multi-millionaire real estate investor whose net worth is expected to be around $15 million. The former basketball player, mini-actor, and the heir of substantial real estate property in San Francisco is filthy rich.

The 45 years old millionaire has been active in making money for 23 years. On the other hand, the family of the realtor involved in real estate must have accumulated a lot of wealth in their lifetime.

Peter Cornell Wife

Peter Cornell’s wife has not been known. He must not have been married yet. 

The wealthy bachelor rather enjoys dating different women at the same time. He is the personality to have been listed in million-dollar listings, which has many female fans worldwide. 

The guy has 6 feet, and 11 inches in height puts on 245lbs of body weight. He has a fair skin complexion. Well, it has been suspected that he is dating Emma Herman at present. 

Peter Cornell Age

Peter Cornell is at the age of 45 years in 2021. He was born on June 1, 1976. Piedmont High School was the educational institute that he was sent to. 

After graduating at 22, he has constantly been working by switching his profession as a player, realtor, actor, and businessman. 

Peter Cornell Wikipedia Bio

Peter Cornell is included in Wikipedia mainly because of his athletic career. He graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a B.A. in communications studies after enrolling in the college in 1996.

The actor with more than 60 commercial campaigns within and outside America is known for his character of Vakidis in Semi-Pro, a sports comedy movie from 2008. 

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