Philip Rizzo Age Wikipedia: New Jersey Governor Election Results 2021

Philip Rizzo Age Wikipedia: New Jersey Governor Election Results 2021

Republican politician Philip Rizzo is not yet featured on Wikipedia. But, here’s what we know about the rising personality.

Philip Rizzo is a member of the Republican Party and a businessman. Earlier, he had worked as a Pastor in a Church in his hometown for a short period of time.

The politician ran with a slogan stating he has a ‘business mind’ and a ‘pastor’s heart’ which reflected his past works.

The man was initially seen as a strong candidate for the position of Governor but ended up losing in the Republican Primary.

He was defeated by Jack Ciatterelli, who won the Republican Primary and signaled a symbolic loss for Donald Trump as Rizzo was seen as a Trump’s loyalist.

Philip Rizzo Wikipedia

Philip Rizzo is an American politician who recently lost in a Republican primary to Jack Ciatterelli for the seat of the governor of New Jersey.

The politician was supported by Donald Trump, his family and a group of other Trump loyalists as his policies reflected many of Trump’s.

He had said that he will be cutting taxes and will be decreasing government spending which resonated with Trump’s Policies.

What is Philip Rizzo Age?

Philip Rizzo’s age seems to be between 50-55 years old.

He has not revealed any specific details about his age or birthday.

Rizzo became active in politics only recently and ran a church before coming to politics.

Philip Rizzo Wife and Family

Philip Rizzo has been married to his wife Jennifer Rizzo for more than two decades now.

The politician a total of four children of whom three are boys and one girl.

What is Philip Rizzo Net Worth?

Philip Rizzo has kept information about his net worth away from public records.

But, as per Politico, he owns a $1.65 million house in Morris County.

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