Pictures: Sonya Curry Cheating Affair With Steven Johnson, Divorce Update -In Details

Pictures: Sonya Curry Cheating Affair With Steven Johnson, Divorce Update -In Details

Sonya Curry has been accused of cheating with Steven despite marrying her husband, Dell Curry. Learn what we know about the cheating and divorce scandal.

Sonya Curry, Stephen Curry’s 55-year-old mother, has filed for divorce from Dell, his 56-year-old father. According to court documents, Sonya filed out the papers in North Carolina on June 14.

On August 27, 1988, five months after Stephen was born, Sonya and Dell married. Following Stephen’s birth, they relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina. The pair had been married for roughly 31 years.

Sonya Curry Cheating Affair With Steven Johnson

Dell Curry accuses Sonya Curry of cheating on him with Steven Johnson.

Dell Curry stated in court documents obtained by TMZ Sports that Sonya Curry “began her extramarital affair with Mr. Johnson during the marriage and previous to the date of separation, and she lied to Dell each time she cheated on him.”

Dell also claims that Sonya is presently living with Steven Johnson to avoid paying her alimony when she initially came out and accused him of adultery.

Not only has Dell accused his wife, but she has severe problems with him. Sonya has also accused Dell Curry of marital misconduct.’

Dell Curry, she claimed, had also cheated on her several times, and their friends and families were well aware of this fact. She didn’t want to “expose the family” and instead wanted to “guard them one last time.”

Dell Curry And His Wife Divorce Update

Dell Curry and Sonya Curry have been married for over three decades, have finally chosen to split up and divorce.

They announced their decision to divorce in a joint statement and expect to be respected and allowed privacy during these difficult times.

Dell Curry and Sonya Curry have filed for divorce, according to TMZ Sports. According to court documents, Sonya, 55, filed the application on June 14 in North Carolina. According to a court spokesman, the divorce is still underway.

The married pair was photographed sporting Portland Trail Blazers and Golden State Warriors shirts during the 2019 NBA finals. Seth, Sonya and Dell’s other son, played for the Trail Blazers in the 2018-19 NBA season.

In the 2019 Western Conference Finals, Golden State swept Portland.

Where Is Sonya Curry Now?

Sonya Curry is presently residing in Tennessee with Steven Johnson.

Sonya is the Christian Montessori School’s president of Lake Norman, which she started in 1995 in Huntersville, North Carolina. Her children went to school.

At Virginia Tech, Adams met her future husband, Dell Curry. She observed the men’s basketball practice on her formal recruiting visit when Adams and Curry recognized each other.

Curry’s eldest son, Stephen, is a member of the Golden State Warriors. Therefore she frequently appears on camera in the audience at Golden State games.

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