Pierre Cherpin Cause of Death: How Did The French Moto Rider Die?

Pierre Cherpin Cause of Death: How Did The French Moto Rider Die?

Pierre Cherpin was a French motorcyclist who passed away recently in January 2021. It was his 4th Dakar Rally competition in which he had participated. The Rider, unfortunately, had a terrible accident on the stage.

Pierre Cherpin’s motorcycle went unbalanced and fell when he was riding at a speed of 178 kilometers per hour. The accident left the rider with several serious injuries and was in a coma before finally passing away. 

Quick Facts:

Name Pierre Cherpin
Age 52 (Deceased)
Gender Male
Height About 5 feet 9 inches
Nationality French
Profession Motorcycle Rider
Net Worth Under Review

10 Facts About Pierre Cherpin

  1. Born in 1969, Pierre Cherpin’s age was 52 years when he passed away, as per The Guardian. However, his actual birthdate is not known.
  2. Further, about his married life, Pierre Cherpin’s wife’s identity has not been revealed yet. We could not find any information regarding his private life.
  3. As per Sportekz, the motorcycle riders on Dakar Ralley earn $50k for winning each stage and $350k for winning the competition. Pierre was in the seventh stage when he had the accident, meaning he had already won about $300k. However, Pierre Cherpin’s net worth has not been confirmed.
  4. Talking about the cause of Pierre Cherpin’s death, he died because of the injury he had from the accident. He died on the fifth day of the accident when he was being transferred to a hospital in Lille.
  5. Likewise, talking about his social media presence, Pierre Cherpin’s Instagram account has not been found. Besides that, he didn’t seem to be active on other social media as well.
  6. The rider had always kept his private life very secret from the media attention. Due to that, we couldn’t find any information regarding his family and children.
  7. Pierre Cherpin never seemed to have regretted or worried about his work. He always wanted to live an adventurous life and discover landscapes. 
  8. The news of his death was confirmed by the organizers of the Dakar Rally. They notified fans about the situation and extended their condolences.
  9. Likewise, about his physical appearance, Pierre Cherpin’s height seemed to be about 5 feet and 9 inches. However, his actual height and weight are not revealed.
  10. Winding up with his bio, Pierre Cherpin’s Wikipedia bio is not available. However, you can find several articles about him.

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