Meet Piers Corbyn Wife: Who Is The Businessman Married To?

Meet Piers Corbyn Wife: Who Is The Businessman Married To?

Who is businessman Piers Corbyn Wife? Here let’s explore the life of the businessman including the details on his wife and age. 

Piers Richard Corbyn is a weather forecaster, conspiracy theorist, businessman, anti-vaxxer, and activist. He is Jeremy Corbyn’s older brother and former Labour Party leader.

Corbyn was born in Wiltshire and raised in Shropshire, where he went to Adams’ Grammar School. He graduated from Imperial College London with a first-class BSc in physics in 1968 and a postgraduate MSc in Astrophysics from Queen Mary College, University of London, in 1981.

From 1986 until 1990, Corbyn served as a councilor in the London Borough of Southwark as a member of the Labour Party. He left Labour because he opposed the Iraq War. In 2017, his effort to rejoin Labour was thwarted by his constituency party.

With the party Let London Live, he is presently running for Mayor of London.

Who Is Piers Corbyn Wife? 

The weather forecaster Piers Corbyn has kept the details of his marriage hidden. Hardly any info on his wife or marital life is known. 

The businessman seems to keep his details away from his professional life and the media. 


How Old Is Piers Corbyn? Age Revealed

Businessman Piers Corbyn is currently 74 years old born in the year 1947.

The weather forecaster celebrates his birthday on the 10th of March every year. 

Piers Corbyn Wikipedia 

Piers Corbyn is the founder of WeatherAction, a weather forecasting service that provides alternative forecasts. He has been fascinated by weather and climatic trends since he was a child.

Corbyn refers to himself as a “world-leading” weather and climate forecaster on Twitter. He boasts that his weather-predicting technique is based on monitoring sun surface activity.

According to scientists, this has a negligible impact on the Earth’s atmosphere and weather. He also claims to be able to predict earthquakes and says that they might be induced by solar activity.

Piers Corbyn Family

Talking about his family, Piers Corbyn was born to parents Naomi Loveday and David Benjamin Corbyn. His mother Naomi was a maths teacher while his father David was an electrical engineer. 

Piers has three other siblings in his family. Politician Jeremy Corbyn is his younger brother. 

Piers Corbyn Net Worth

Piers Corbyn is no doubt making some bucks. But the exact amount of his net worth or income is yet to be revealed. 

However, Judging through his lifestyle, we guess, he is earning enough.