Pikamee Face Reveal And Everything On Her Age And Wikipedia

Pikamee Face Reveal And Everything On Her Age And Wikipedia

Professional Youtuber, Pikamee has not shown her real face to the world, but here are some interesting facts regarding her.

Pikamee is a professional YouTuber who is in the air for some time.

Pikamee’s channel subscriptions increased rapidly in a short period of time. She mostly shares her gaming experience via her streams.

Pikamee loves to enjoy playing the FPS game as per her streams. Her gaming videos make you feel that you have known for her ages.

But in reality, you are unaware of Picamee’s personal life. So who exactly is the faceless streamer? Let us find out.

Quick Facts:
Name Amano Pikamee
Birthday July 13
Age 20-30
Gender Female
Nationality Japnese
Profession Youtuber
Twitter @amanopikamee
Youtube Pikamee

Pikamee Face Reveal

For now, no one can crack the real face of Pikamee. She has not shown her face to the world since her arrival on YouTube.

Most Twitch streamers try to hide their face due to many reasons.

Maybe Pikamee doesn’t want to mix her personal life with her career, or maybe she is shy to reveal her face.

While most of the faceless streamers have promised to reveal their face, she has talked nothing about this topic.

Who knows when she will be in the mood of opening up about her face.

Pikamee Real Name And Age

The real name of the faceless streamer is Amano Pikamee.

Besides, that there is no information on this subject. 

Likewise, she appears to fall in the age range of 20-30 years old.

Firstly, she plays Valorant, Zelda, Residental evil, which indicates she belongs to the above-mentioned age group.

At the same time, her sweet and adorable voice resembles the sound of a young age girl.

Based on these two assumptions, we concluded the age of Amano Pikamee.

Amano Pikamee Wikipedia And Net worth

There is no Wikipedia under the name of Amano Pikamee.

Moreover, Amano is a Japanese streamer. She is most popular on Twitch and YouTube.

As per virtualyoutuber, she started her YouTube on the 19th of March in 2020.

After her success on YouTube, she started her Twitch channel PikameeAmano.

She is having a great career at the moment. She has 20.4 k followers on her Twitch and 408k subscribers on her YouTube channel. 

Her net worth is not discussed for now. But we can say she is doing great with her YouTube career.

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