Powerpoint party ideas TikTOk: What is powerpoint night trends all about?

Powerpoint party ideas TikTOk: What is powerpoint night trends all about?

Powerpoint party ideas are the hot new trend on TikTok. It is basically a fun, quick-thinking, on-the-spot style game. The on-going global pandemic and the new era of social distancing may have put a stop to our abilities to host and attend parties. However, that does not mean that we cannot gather to celebrate, unwind, and just have a wonderful fun-filled time together.

At its core, a Powerpoint party is when a group of friends craft and give presentations on the topic of their choice. Some of us may wonder how a Powerpoint party could be fun. Most of us automatically associate Powerpoint with work or school. However, the new trend in TikTok is all about making a presentation on a topic that’s funny and create a jovial time.

What is PowerPoint night ideas?

The idea behind PowerPoint night ideas is to first gather a selected group of people, ask them to prepare a presentation on a random topic of their choice, and have them present it. Typically, people include sarcasm and humor to get their point across. Powerpoint parties were largely popularized by users on TikTok. Such parties can be hosted not only online but by families too or people who are already living together. Here is a clip of a viral TikTok of one such PowerPoint party;


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However make no room for mistakes, nobody attending a PowerPoint party is making a presentation about the economy or anything serious related. As long as the presentation gives the attendees a good belly laugh and a good time, you’re allowed to take on board any topic you prefer. All you need to get going on with this is a computer or a laptop and a Powerpoint presentation system whether Microsoft Powerpoint or Google Slides.

How to make funny topics on presentation?

To make gatherings fun and interesting, try adding funny presentation ideas. After all, what’s the point of hosting Powerpoint night if you plan on getting serious. The underlying concept behind such parties is to make people forget about their problems. So, try to make the atmosphere light by taking up an unconventional and funny topic, and don’t shy away from showing up your goofy or outrageous side.


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Make presentations a drinking game with a few extra rules. Take the gathering a notch up by throwing in a themed dress code. Challenge attendees by assigning the most outrageous topics. Or, simply add on a twist by randomizing the presentation, which means you have to present someone else’s presentation. Depending on the circle of your group, you can always come up with your own creative idea to make your Powerpoint night fun and interesting. Just remember, you can’t be boring and uninspired.


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Anything that goes viral on TikTok once becomes a trend. Powerpoint night is one such example that became a massive trend at one time. If you are one such avid user of TikTok and is inspired by our article to give it a go, we recommend you to check out some of the TikTok videos to gather inspiration. You can find plenty of funny presentation ideas on TikTok. Take a few notes from other users and then you can come up with your own.

Just an idea, log in to your TikTok account and search for #Powerpoint contents to get an idea of what sorts of videos you could make.

In general, the Powerpoint party on TikTok has actually shortened the gap between education, entertainment, and socialization. If you think about it, the new trend not only makes up for a good time but it also improves your public speaking skills.