How Old Is Trevion Williams? Everything To Know About The Basketball Player

How Old Is Trevion Williams? Everything To Know About The Basketball Player


Trevion Williams is a Basketball player from Purdue Boilermakers. How old is he? Get to know his Height, Wikipedia, Parents, and Instagram details.

Trevion Williams joined the Purdue college in the year 2018, leaving a wonderful impact on the Purdue Boilermakers as a position center player for the team. 

The Big Ten Conference Player happens to keep a 26-0 record as a basketball freshman from Mount Carmel High School. The following year as a Sophomore was full of tragedy as he lost his uncle in a gunshot.

Similarly, after injuring his left foot as a junior in Henry ford Academy, the senior year was followed by the honor of Mr. Basketball Of Michigan and First Team All-State Honors. Likewise, the player helped his team win a gold medal in the 2019 FIBA Under-19. 

How Old Is Trevion Williams? 

Trevion Williams is 22 years old player. He was born on the 16th of September, 2000 in Chicago, Illinois, United States. 

From the obligation of loving with a single parent at a young age to losing his uncle, Tyjuan Lewis at the age of 15 are the hardships that the player of such a young age has faced. 

Above all the circumstances, the 50 numbered jersey player is proud of himself.  

Trevion Williams Height and Wikipedia

As per Wikipedia, Trevion Williams has a height of 2.08 meters that makes around 6 feet and 10 inches. Similarly, he puts on 255 lbs i.e. 116 kgs of body weight.

The player was initially around 325 lbs who eventually lost around 23 kgs of weight as a freshman at Purdue college. 

Trevion Williams Parents  

Trevion Williams happens to be the son of Theodore Williams and Shawndra Lewis. The father of the athlete was the one to introduce him to football. He grew up playing pick-up games at the parks.

Eventually, the payer had to settle down with his mother after his parents legally were separated. On the other hand, he finds his mother as the Queen of her life who never lets him forget where he had come from.


Meet Trevion Williams On Instagram

Trevion Williams is present on Instagram with the name of sensational. He mentions his nickname “treyway” on top of a quote “nothing worth having comes easy” in his Instagram bio.

The player has 22.7k followers, 4,322 followings, and 52 posts. Similarly, the one-time gold medalist representing the USA shares his game highlights on the platform. 



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