Rayshard Brooks Family Wife: Case Update & Officer Shooting Video Justified

Rayshard Brooks Family Wife: Case Update & Officer Shooting Video Justified

Deceased Rayshard Brooks family and wife are yet to release a statement on the re-hiring of Garrett Rolfe in the Atlanta Police Dept.

Rayshard Brooks was an African-American man who was shot dead on 12th June 2020 by police officer Garrett Rolfe.

The tragic incident happened when Atlanta PD Officers Rolfe and Devin Brosnan were answering a call about a person sleeping in Wendy’s parking lot.

Rayshard initially cooperated with the officers but started panicking after failing a sobriety test.

Brooks eventually took hold of Brosnan’s stun gun, and as he was about to tase the officer, Garrett Rolfe shot Rayshard twice.

Rayshard Brooks Family And Wife

Rayshard Brooks was a family man, who loved hanging out with his siblings during his free time.

Further, Rayshard was a married man with a wife named Tomika. The two parented three children together: Dream, Memory, and Blessing.

Brooks was also a loving step-father to his wife’s son Mekai. Likewise, he looked after his father, a heart patient.

Rayshard’s family members remember him as a hard-working man. He reportedly worked multiple jobs to take care of his family.

Not just his family, Brooks maintained friendly relationships with his colleagues, who also remember him as a committed person.

Case Update: Officer Shooting Video Justified

The shooting of Rayshard Brooks is currently making headlines again after the earlier fired police officer Garrett Rolfe was reinstated.

Rolfe termination was revoked by Atlanta Civil Service Board, which concluded that the Atlanta PD didn’t comply with many legal provisions while firing Garrett. Further, the report also suggested Rolfe was denied due process.

Based on the dashcam video of the crime scene, the board decided that Garrett acted with caution but was obligated to shoot after Rayshard attacked first.

However, Garrett is not yet back on active duty and is currently on administrative leave. 

Rayshard’s family members have not yet come forward or released a statement. But, their lawyer stated the next step was to try and re-instate the earlier decision to fire Rolfe.

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