Who Is Twitch Streamer Rdcworld1? Everything On Age, Height, Real Name and Net Worth

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Who Is Twitch Streamer Rdcworld1? Everything On Age, Height, Real Name and Net Worth

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Rdcworld1 is a group of influencers created to entertain people. They altogether have 7 members as of now.

Name Rdcworld1
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Web Influencer
Instagram @rdcworld1
Twitter @RDCworld1
Youtube RDCworld1

The creators of Rdcworld1 says that they created their channel first with the aim of promoting manga.

Most of the members of this group are huge fans of anime. And, they wanted to make anime popular around America as well.

Eventually, their interest grew. And, some of them started streaming games, creating different content, and writing blogs as well.

Over the years, they have become one of the famous group of influencers.

In this article, you will get to know about Rdcworld1’s members, their social media channels, etc. For now, you need to know that Rdcworld1 is an entertainment channel.

10 Facts On Rdcworld1 

  1. For your kind information, Rdcworld1 is a group formed with the aim to entertain people with their respective talents.
  2. As of now, they have recruited 7 members altogether. And, 3 of them are the founding members.
  3. Talking about age, the real name of Rdcworld1’s leader is Mark Phillips who is currently 26 years old. And, he lives in Texas.
  4. Likewise, the other 2 founding members Affiong Harris and Leland Manigo are 25. Also, Leland is Mark’s cousin.
  5. Moreover, Desmond Johnson of Rdcworld1 is 26 years and Dylan Patel is 24. But, Ben and John are yet to reveal their age.
  6. None of the members’ height and net worth is available on media outlets. 
  7. Rdcworld1 was launched in the year 2012. It was founded with the intention of promoting mangas and anime.
  8. As of now, Rdcworld1’s YouTube Channel has whooping subscribers of 4.2 million. They create skits, vlogs, animations, etc.
  9. On it’s verified Instagram page, it has nearly 900 thousand followers.
  10. Besides, Rdcworld1 members are seen playing multiplayer games like Call of Duty on Twitch. Their channel has 260K followers.

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