Redman Weight Loss Explained: Is The American Rapper Sick? Here’s What We Know

Redman Weight Loss Explained: Is The American Rapper Sick? Here’s What We Know


Redman aka Reginald Noble is an American Rapper.

He started rapping and got into the hip-hop sector when he was just a teen.

With his casting in the TV series, Power Book II: Ghost portraying the character Theo Rollins, he instantly received wide attention.

Rapper Redman Weight Loss: Is He Sick?

Rapper Redman’s weight loss has taken highlight after his fans noticed the artist thin.

The fans are also worried thinking if the rapper is sick after seeing his drastic weight loss from before pictures.

Actually, the 51-year-old Redman has not shared about his sickness or illness till now, but he has posted on Twitter that he is fasting from social media for some time now. That is, the rapper will temporarily be absent from the networking sites for a while.

Who Is Redman Wife or Partner?

Redman is already married to his partner turned wife.

As MTO news shared on the web in 2018, he got married to his longtime sweetheart. What’s more, Redman parents five children with his wife, whose name is currently unknown. However, the rapper has posted some pictures with his love partner and his kids. 

We also found from the online reports that the rapper shares three biological children with his wife. And, the remaining two are the kids from his previous relationships.

Redman Family Details

Redman’s family includes his parents Darlene and Eddie Noble. We can see from his Instagram handle that he is really close to his mom. 

According to his Wikipedia, Redman also has a sister named Rosalyn Noble with stage name Roz, who also engages in the rapping field like him.

We are unaware if Redman is related to Method Man or not off-screen.

But, on-screen, the Power Ghost stars play the role of brothers. In the recent scene, we can see Method Man went to visit his brother in jail, who happens to be Redman.

Their magical chemistry and appearances in the Power Ghost made people have great anticipation. But, we learned that this is not the first time that the two have appeared on the big screens together.

Actually, the two have collaborated on a music video called Da Rockwilder, which is available on YouTube. Well, the said song got released in the year 1999.

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