Rianna Croxford

Rianna Croxford

Rianna Croxford is the BBC’s youngest news correspondent. In addition to being the youngest, she is also an award-winning investigative journalist at BBC News.

With over 3 years of experience in the news field, Rianna does bring out new and fresh ideas and coverage.

Quick Facts:

Name Rianna Croxford
Birthday June 26
Age 26
Gender Female
Nationality British
Profession Journalist
Married/Single Single
Education Cambridge University
Instagram @rianna_croxford
Twitter @The_Crox
Facebook @rianna.croxford

10 Facts On Rianna Croxford

  1. Rianna Croxford is 26 years of age. She celebrates her birthday with her close ones every year on June 26.
  2. About her height, she doesn’t seem that tall just average in her pictures. She must be below 5 feet 6 inches.
  3. The youngest BBC correspondent, Rianna is yet to have her bio featured on Wikipedia. But, no worries, she already has a personal website.  
  4. Rianna has not made her romantic partner’s details public. Also, she has not posted anything indicating her relationship status on her social media handles.  
  5. With 27.6k followers on Twitter, Rianna’s popularity can be interpreted from that. At just age 26, she has definitely managed to gain a substantial amount of fans on her Instagram and Twitter. Most of her Instagram posts are either about her works or friends.
  6. Rianna’s net worth or salary has not been revealed on the web. According to PayScale, the average salary earned by BBC journalists is $39691.08. Thus, Rianna must be earning around a similar figure.
  7. About her family, she seems to be the only daughter as she has not uploaded any pictures of her siblings, only photos of her father and mother. However, her parents’ names are unknown. She especially posts about her dad whom she calls Papa Crox. 
  8. At just age 36, Croxford succeeded in winning the “New Journalist of the Year” at the British Journalism Awards 2020. Additionally, for the coronavirus pandemic news coverage, she also bagged Gold Winner title in the News category at the MHP “30 to Watch”.
  9. Croxford is especially interested in politics, social justice and inequality, crime, race and gender discrimination, and other power abuse issues.
  10. In regards to her studies, Rianna graduated in English Literature from prestigious Cambridge University in 2017. What’s more, she also served as a president there.

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