RIP: Who Was Jay Weaver? Former Bass Player Of Big Daddy Weave Passed Away -Details To Know

RIP: Who Was Jay Weaver? Former Bass Player Of Big Daddy Weave Passed Away -Details To Know

Jey Weaver from Big Daddy Weave’s death cause could be his unstable health in the past year and amputation of his both legs back in 2016 due to infection. Follow the article till the end to learn more.

Jay Weaver was the bass player in the American contemporary band Big Daddy Weave. He had been with the band playing the bass guitar since the beginning of the band in 1998. Jay was among the founding members of the band. 

The members of the band met in college at the University of Mobile. Mike Weaver was a worship leader at a Pensacola, Florida church and a student at a local community college. On the advice of his pastor, he enrolled at the university to study voice marking the formation of the band.

Let us learn more about Jay Weaver and take a closer look at his death cause and amputation. 

Jay Weaver Big Daddy Weave Death Cause Amputation & Obituary -What Happened To Him?

Jay Weaver from Big Daddy Weave’s death cause could be his health issues. 

Jay aka Jason was admitted to the hospital after his health condition started degrading back in August 2021, he was shortly released from the hospital after his treatment. 

On August 4th, Jay was rushed to the ICU owing to problems with his dialysis treatments. Jay was said to be suffering from high blood pressure, terrible aches, and suspected infection.

Weaver who had already lost his feet to infection as they had to be amputated back in 2016 was feared to need a finger amputation as well according to the Christian beat, but his fans were relieved to know his fingers were not cut off. As a bass player, the amputation would have marked an end to his career. 

After the news of his death started circulation on the internet on January 3, 2022, people have posted condolence messages from their social media accounts to honor him. All of the music community is devastated to learn the news. 

What Is Jay Weaver Net Worth?

Jay Weaver’s net worth could be around $1 million as of 2022. 

He never spoke anything about his actual net worth on the web or to the general public while he was alive. 

However, we are currently trying to verify his actual net worth as you read this article and the verified amount will be published very soon. 

Similarly, we can suspect his major source of income as his career as a professional bass player and member of the Big Daddy Weave band. 

Meet Jay Weaver On Instagram & Twitter

Jay Weaver’s official Instagram account is not available on the internet yet. 

Similarly, his Twitter account is also not available to the general public as of now. 

The bass player maintained a very low digital footprint on the internet while he was alive but is trending on the internet as of now. 

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