RIP: Who Was Mary Jo Scalzo? Death Cause -Former Oakwood Superintendent Dies At 71

RIP: Who Was Mary Jo Scalzo? Death Cause -Former Oakwood Superintendent Dies At 71

Mary Jo Scalzo, a former superintendent of Oakwood City Schools, has died at the age of 71 on December 25. Mary has greatly impacted the Oakwood schools system during her period.

Mary Jo Scalzo has given the majority of her life to the United States education system by sitting on the various roles and positions over her career, which expanded over decades.

The death of Mary Jo has deeply impacted the community of the Oakwood educator, parents, and students. The contribution to education like hers is rare, so everyone is expressing their condolence via various media.


Who Was Mary Jo Scalzo?

Mary Jo Scalzo was a superintendent of Oakwood City Schools until she retired in 2013. She spent 41 years as an educator and assumed various roles that have directly impacted the lives of students, teachers, and parents.

She served as a teacher, principal, curriculum director, and superintendent. During her period as a teacher and principal, she was very close to students and has prepared many successful students.

She spent 21 years of her life as an educator was spent in Oakwood City Schools. She retired from there after reaching the topmost position of superintendent.


Mary Jo Scalzo Death Cause And Obituary -How Did She Die? 

Mary Jo Scalzo died on December 25 at Sycamore Hospital, and the cause of her death is still to be released. Her family or other people near her have not still answered the cause of the end.

Mary Jo was a highly educated woman. She did her high school at St. Joseph Central Catholic High School. After that, she joined the University of Dayton, where she completed the rest of her education, including a Ph.D.

Many of her colleagues are posting condolences for her reminiscing the time they spent together working on various aspects of education to improve in the future. With the death of Mary, America lost one of its veteran educators.


Mary Jo Scalzo Husband & Net Worth

Mary Jo Scalzo’s husband is Rick. She married her love of life 41 years ago. Her marriage is as old as her career as an educator. The loss of his dearest wife devasts rick.

Mary jo left behind a net worth of estimated more than $500,000, which her husband will probably inherit. Rick has always encouraged and supported her to achieve the heights she managed to accomplish. 

Not only did the assets, but most importantly, she has left a legacy as an educator lauded by many generations in the past and will be lauded by the coming generations.

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