RIP: Who Was Stewart Gilray? Just Add Water Founder And CEO Dies At 51 -Details To Know

Stewart Gilray has left behind his wife and two kids after covid made itself known to his body. He was unable to fight off its effects. 

Stewart Gilray had been fighting his life for weeks before he ultimately lost the battle. He had been tested positive for COVID and had to be hospitalized to stay in the running for the battle which weakened his body slowly. 

Many have tweeted on Twitter to share their emotional state at the passing of a great human being and a legend in the video game industry. 

Steve Turner tweeted, “Stunned to hear that @stewartgilray has died. He was the last producer to work with Graftgold, working at Grolier in our last year and was so understanding of our situation. He kept in touch with me and shared a love of rock music. My best wishes to his family.”

Who Was Stewart Gilray? Age And Wiki Details

Stewart Gilray was 51 years of age when COVID took his life. The CEO of Just Add Water, a developer known for Gravity Crash and various Strange World securities, headed the company for 15 years after launching it in the United Kingdom in 2006.

In the 1980s, Gilray earned his living as a freelance programmer by working for companies such as Psygnosis, Argonaut Software, Core Design, and Bullfrog.

Gilray worked for a number of organizations before going on to found Just Add Water, including 21st Century Entertainment and Revolution Software. Sniper Elite VR, Doctor Who: Edge of Reality, and Toy Soldiers HD, are among the studio’s products.

Death Cause And Obituary -What Happened To Stewart Gilray?

Stewart Gilray died on the morning of January 6 after being hospitalized with COVID when Christmas was just around the corner. After fighting for a few weeks, he has gone to meet his maker. 

Gilray was admitted into the hospital on December 20, almost a week before Christmas, after he was tested positive for covid. 

In his career, after founding Just Add Water, the company worked on more than 16 projects. The company is a giant in the video game industry. 

Wife And Net Worth Of Stewart Gilray Explored

Stewart Gilray was married to his wife Bec with whom he had fathered two children. He has one son and one daughter who will both miss their father.

In his 51 years, Stewart accumulated a net worth in the range of millions. The exact estimate of his assets is not known at the moment. 

Though as a programmer and a founder of a huge company, he may have brought in home substantial amounts in dollars. 

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