How Old Is RMC Mike? Everything To Know About The Rapper

How Old Is RMC Mike? Everything To Know About The Rapper

RMC Mike’s exact age and date of birth are unknown. However, he appears to be in his late twenties based on his photos.

RMC Mike is an American rapper best known for tracks such as Bad Heart, Intro, Free Peezy, Perfect Timing, and Say Cheese. Mike’s preferred musical genres are hip-hop and rap.

He makes his music available on SoundCloud. RMC Mike has worked with several record labels, including #boys and #BOYZ Entertainment LLC.

Mike’s albums are rookie Season, Poundtown, Dumb and Dumber Too, Sophmore Season, and Dumb and DUmb3r.

Rapper: How Old Is RMC Mike? Age Revealed 

RMC Mike’s bio and career can be found on a few Wiki-bio pages. Unfortunately, there is currently no Wikipedia article dedicated to RMC. 

He is the rapper’s stage name. RMC’s real name is yet to be revealed.

RMC Mike Nationality And Family

Mike is currently residing in Flint, Michigan. RMC’s ethnic heritage is African-American, and his nationality is American. 

He prefers to keep his private life hidden from the public eye. He never mentions his girlfriend or their connection on social media. In addition, Mike has maintained his girlfriend’s identity a secret.

 Mike’s family, parents, siblings, and background are all kept confidential for the time being. 

RMC Mike Net Worth Revealed

The media is kept in the dark about RMC Mike’s net worth, income, and profits. But we can assume by ourselves that he ears pretty well looking at his current portfolio. 

According to his Instagram posts, we also can assume that he lives a pretty lavish life that we all have wished for. Moreover, he not only earns from his professional career but also from his Instagram. 

He gets paid by Instagram as per one post. Similarly, he also earns money from his merchandise. That’s right; he sells his brands that includes a t-shirt.

Furthermore, he also has his youtube channel, by which we can assume he also earns pretty well from there.  

Meet Him On Instagram

He started his YouTube channel on January 8, 2019, and it now has over 4.7 million subscribers.

Mike has 22.3k subscribers on his YouTube account. RMC Mike has 460 Instagram posts and 101k Instagram followers as of February 2021.

Mike uses Instagram to advertise his business. Therefore his feed is full of his music.

In addition, RMC’s Twitter account has 4.7k followers. He started Twitter in May of this year and now has over 3.2k followers. His Twitter bio includes information about his company and bookings.