Robert A. Mundell Net Worth And Everything To Know About The Canadian Economist

Robert A. Mundell Net Worth And Everything To Know About The Canadian Economist

Robert A. Mundell, a Canadian columnist with a net worth of $1 Million, dies at 88 due to several complications of cancer.  

Robert Alexander Mundell, 88, born on October 24 1932 was a Canadian Economist; a professor and several reputed universities; and the father of Euro. 

He was one of the economics professors at economics at Columbia University and the Chinese University of Hong Kong and he is considered one of the best of them. 

Robert was known for his books like  Man and Economics, Monetary theory, and many more. Further, he has won the  Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences.

Unfortunately, the economist died due to many different health complications. 

Quick Facts:

Name Robert A. Mundell
Birthday October 24 1932
Age 88
Gender Male
Nationality canadian
Profession Economist
Net Worth $1000000
Married/Single Married
Wife Barbara Sheff and Valerie Natsios-Mundell
Children 4
Education University of Washington

Robert A. Mundell Net Worth

Robert A. Mundell’s net worth is approximate $1000000. However, his exact net worth is yet to be revealed. 

Robert was a renowned economist as well as a reputed professor in universities worldwide which are the major contributor to his net worth. 

Robert A. Mundell Wife

Robert A. Mundell’s current wife’s name is Valerie Natsios-Mundell. She was the one who reported the death of her beloved husband and stated the cause to The New York Times

However, he was previously married to Barbara Sheff for many years till they divorced and Robert married Valerie in 1998. 

Further, there are very few details regarding Robert’s personal life on the web and media. 

Robert A. Mundell Children And Family

Robert A. Mundell had 4 children. With his first wife Barbara, he had 3 children Paul, William, and Robyn Mundell. Further, with His second wife Valerie, he had a son named Nicholas. 

Regarding his family, he was staying with his wife Valerie and son Nicholas at the time of his death. 

Robert A. Mundell Cause Of Death

According to Robert A. Mundell’s wife Valerie Natsios-Mundell, the cause of Robert’s death is the complications of bile duct cancer. 

He had been suffering from the diseases for a few years and unfortunately passes away on April 4th, 2021. 

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