Romy Windsor Walthall Dies At 57: How Did The Face Off Actress Die?

Romy Windsor Walthall Dies At 57: How Did The Face Off Actress Die?

Romy Windsor aka Romy Walthall was a famous actress who has not been featured on Wikipedia yet. The actress died at 57, here is everything to know about her.

Romy Windsor, also known as Romy Walthall, was an American actress and producer who was widely known for her work in the movies Face/off, Camp Nowhere, and many more. 

Romy was very popular in her days and she has a huge fan following. Not just Romy, but her son Morgan Krantz, actor and producer, got inspired by her to pursue a career in the industry. 

Recently, Romy has been widely searched and has become a matter of concern after the announcement of her death. People are also concerned regarding her personal and professional details. 

Romy Windsor Wikipedia

Romy Windsor is not yet on Wikipedia despite being a renowned actress and producer.

However, there are other sources that provide relevant information regarding her on the web. Hence, we have successfully gathered the necessary details regarding her from the web. 

Romy first became famous because of her tv gigs in the 1980s. She was a part of the famous Thief of Hearts and The Bunny’s Tale. 

Not just that, she starred in a famous sitcom in the year 1991, Man of the People, which was a great turning point for her. 

She has been started with many other popular celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, James Garner, and more. 

Romy Windsor Age

According to IMDb, Romy Windsor’s age was 57 years at the time of her death. 

She was born on September 16, 1963, in Pasadena, Texas, the United States. 

Romy Windsor Husband

There is no information regarding the husband of Romy Windsor. 

She was certainly married and she had 3 children, but there is no information regarding their father, which is Romy’s Husband. 

Also, in the recent reports, it has been claimed that Romy is survived by her sister and 3 children; there is no mentioning of her husband. 

It might be possible that they got divorced which is why he has not been talked about even for a single time in these years. 

Romy Windsor Net Worth

There are yet no precise details to evaluate the net worth of Romy Windsor. 

However, considering her years of experience and success, she must have had a pretty decent net worth. 

Obituary: Romy Windsor Cause Of Death

Romy Windsor died a few days ago, on May 19, 2021, but her death has just been revealed by her son

However, the cause of her death is yet to be revealed. People are expecting that the officials will reveal the cause of her death as time passes by. 

They had a memorial for Romy a week ago and many websites have prepared obituaries for Romy Windsor. 

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