Who Is Ron Jasper Wife? Twin Brother Tron Jasper Affair And Video Details To Know

Who Is Ron Jasper Wife? Twin Brother Tron Jasper Affair And Video Details To Know

Torn Jasper and Ron Jasper are twins and Ron’s wife is Heather, they both went on a quest to confront Jarreau over allegations of his affair with his wife which ended in a murder. 

Torn Jasper and Ron Jasper are twin brothers. They have complications and chronic diseases but went ahead in their life and are fairly active despite their disease. The two twin brothers are close to each other. 

The native of Louisa County, Virginia, both brothers are very close to each other and share everything. They went to confront another set of twins Rahsaan Reid and Jarreau Reid over allegations of Jarreau having affair with Ron’s wife. The confrontation changed both sets of twins’ life. 

Let us learn more about Torn Jasper and Ron Jasper’s wife and explore more about the affair and murder. 

Ron And Tron Jasper Wife: Twin Brother Affair

Ron Jasper and Tron Jasper are twin brothers from Louisa County, Virginia. 

Ron’s estranged wife Heather was allegedly having affair with Jarreau Reid. When Ron and Tron went on to confront Jarreau, things went southwards. 

The confrontation ended very badly after Ron shot Jarreau in the face, which resulted in fatally and his death. Jarreau also had a twin brother named Rahsaan Reid. 

The affair was never confirmed and the confrontation to confirm the affair was also not successful. Both sets of Twins’ life changed after the confrontation. 

Information about who tipped off the Jasper brothers about the affair and how did it all started has not come to the surface yet. The allegations could be just the wild imagination of Ron and Tron. They never got to the end of the mystery they set out to confirm. 

Ron And Tron Jasper Murder Details And Video Details

Ron and Tron Jasper murdered Jarreau Reid by shooting him in the face. 

The incident took place in Cavalier Crossing apartments, home of Reid brothers back in September 2015. 

The murder was recorded in video footage, it showed Ron and Jerreau arguing in the beginning. Later the recording shows Ron shooting Jarreau on the face. 

Ron’s shooting resulted in the death of Jarreau and he was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to 23 years in prison after Jury’s recommendation in July 2016. 

Ron’s lawyer argued that he had no option but to shoot the knife-wielding Jarreau as he would be unable to defend himself due to his illness. But the jury was not convinced by the argument of the defendant according to Monster and Critics. 

Similarly, Tron Jasper also pleaded guilty and was sentenced to one year in prison but a judge suspended half of his sentence. He only served 6 months in prison for brandishing a firearm according to Wina.