Sadie Martinez and Eddie Martinez Update: Where Are They Now?

Sadie Martinez and Eddie Martinez Update: Where Are They Now?

In case you’re wondering “Where are Sadie Martinez and Eddie Martinez?”, the couple’s update hasn’t surfaced after they were cleared of the attempted kidnapping charges.

Sadie Martinez and Eddie Martinez are a young Latino couple. 

The influencer Sorenson is from Sonoma, accused the couple Sadie Martinez and Eddie Martinez through her story on Instagram. she claimed that her children were about to kidnap by this couple from the craft store in Petaluma, last December. 

Many peoples are saying that she did so for publicity and to increase the followers on her Instagram.

According to Sonoma Index, after a long investigation,  the Sonoma country prosecutors Police confirmed that the couple is Innocent this last Thursday. 

Along with this, the police have stated the notice this Friday saying, Sorenson will be charged to the fullest extent if the department finds any evidence of racial hated or personal false crime. 

Thereafter, many national coverages started to turn on Sorensen, some of the releases are calling her a racist and a liar. 

Sadie Martinez and Eddie Martinez – Where Are They Now?

The recent whereabouts of Sadie and Eddie Martinez are currently unknown.

Sadie Martinez and her husband Eddie Martinez are staying for a long time in Sonoma county. 

Further, the couple is originally Latino.

Sadie Martinez Petaluma Family and Children

Sadie and Eddie have 5 children between the ages of 11 and 24 years old. 

Eddie is a driver at UPS, while Sadie is busy caring for her children, taking them to schools, and part-time involving as a bookkeeper. Besides, it is found that she has a keen interest in arts and crafts. 

Sorenson filed the report to Police on Dec 15. After three days, Petaluma law enforcement said that they haven’t found any evidence to blame Sadie and Eddie. 

On the next day, at the news conference, Sadie publicly revealed herself and said that she was mistreated by Sorensen. 

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