Nowadays, many gamers and influencers have been catching people’s attention. One of them is Saintvicious. Yeah, this isn’t his real name. However, he is massively popular with his IGN name worldwide.

Quick Facts:

Name Saintvicious (Brandon DiMarco)
Birthday May 23, 1987
Age 33 Years Old
Gender Male
Profession Twitch Games Player.
Married/Single Single
Instagram saintviciouss
Twitter @LolStvicious
Youtube Saintvicious

Talking about gaming in this era, it has achieved new heights. People are acknowledging a gamer’s talent and respecting them for their skills.

Moreover, esports has now become popular internationally. Like other games, there are players, coaches, referees, etc.

In this article, we will be talking about a gaming personality who hyped the gaming community. He is a competitive esports player.

Furthermore, his claim to fame is his ability to compete in League of Legends. He has been a coach and also an elite esports player. His strategies are worth appreciation.

10 Facts On Saintvicious 

  1. Saintvicious is a glowing Twitch star. He is active in the industry for years and doing good as well.
  2. He is better known for his strategies while playing League of Legends. LoL star Saintvicious is also a YouTube influencer.
  3. For now, he doesn’t have a Wikipedia profile. But, this doesn’t mean he isn’t famous.
  4. Saintvicious celebrates his birthday on May 23. As of 2020, his age is 33 years. Saintvicious began his career when he was around 25-30 years old.
  5. Though you might already know his real name. I would love to remind you. He was born Brandon DiMarco. Also, his IGN name’s origin is unknown.
  6. The Twitch game player probably doesn’t have a girlfriend. His current focal point is his gaming career.
  7. Saintvicious served as a former coach for the esports team FlyQuest. His strategies made him unique.
  8. He has won League of Legends tournaments many times. And, he has amassed millions of prizes from those tournaments but his net worth remains unknown.
  9. Until now, he has 250K Twitch fans and 60K YouTube subscribers.
  10. On Instagram, he uploads his photos.

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