Does Sally Nugent Have An Illness? Details To Follow

Does Sally Nugent Have An Illness? Details To Follow

Sally Nugent’s illness made her leave BBC’s breakfast show back in 2017. How is she holding up lately?

Sally Nugent is an English journalist and newsreader.

She has been a part of the BBC for more than 15 years in a row. Nugent started as a broadcast journalist in BBC Radio Merseyside.

An intellectual journalist, Sally Nugent is linked with numerous big events in the past years.

Grand National, 2002 Commonwealth Games, Fifa World Cup are some of the memorable associates of her career. 

In the midst of her good career, Sally Nugent was diagnosed with labyrinthitis. Though she is doing fine, how the illness has affected her let’s take a look in detail.

Sally Nugent Illness And Health Update

Sally Nugent was diagnosed with Labyrinthitis back in 2017. The illness is caused due to the inflamed nerves of the inner ear. 

Sally left the job in September of 2017, but she returned back shortly after. She returned with full enthusiasm and has been encouraging many people who are suffering from any illness.

Recently, in 2020, Sally Nugent invited Louise Minchin to her show to talk about his  Motor Neuron Disease.

The sportsman got emotional after he started talking about his condition. However, Sally was there to provide guidance both mentally and emotionally.

Sally Nugent Husband

Sally Nugent’s husband’s name is under the carpet which is hard to retrieve from any sources.

However, details online suggest she is happily married to her partner and has a son whose name is not revealed for now. 

All we know about the little boy is, he is a sports enthusiast and rugby lover.

How Old Is Sally Nugent?

Sally Nugent’s age is 49 years old.

Almost in her fifties, Sally Nugent was born on the 5th of August, 1971. Despite that, she seems so young and appealing with her beautiful personality.

Is Sally Nugent Pregnant?

Currently, there are no reports on Sally Nugent being pregnant. 

She was back then and gave birth to a beautiful boy. Had she been pregnant, she would have officially announced her maternal leave to her fans.