Sally Taylor Health Update 2021: How Is She Now & Why Is She Not Presenting South Today At The Moment?

Sally Taylor Health Update 2021: How Is She Now & Why Is She Not Presenting South Today At The Moment?

In the year 2000, Sally Taylor was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is fine in 2021, but not totally; she is still in the hospital. 

Sally Taylor had undergone a double mastectomy to treat her malignancy.

Sally had to take a break from work in March 2000 to undergo surgery. A mass in her right breast had to be removed.

She has now participated in several cancer-related fundraising events. 

Sally Taylor Health Update 2021?

Sally Taylor is a breast cancer survivor, but she is still undergoing treatment and admitted to the hospital.

She has been fighting cancer for nearly two decades.

She hasn’t received any information concerning her health in a long time. According to sources, Sally is awaiting extensive treatments.

Sally’s mother had also been diagnosed with cancer; her mother died of the disease when she was in her forties. As a result, Sally was well aware of the ramifications.

And she’s been through a lot, including the loss of her mother; she is now involved in cancer-related fundraising campaigns.

Thousands of women have joined her in raising awareness about the disease.

Who Is Sally Taylor- How Old Is She? 

Sally Taylor is a journalist and a television host. She is best known for hosting the BBC show South Today.

She was born in 1957, and as of now, she is 64 years old.

Before joining the BBC, she worked as an English teacher. She was a lecturer at Leicester’s Winstanley Community College.

In 2005, she was awarded the MBE. It was a recognition of her contributions to the broadcasting industry.

In the 2005 Queen’s Birthday Honours List, she was given the MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) as she contributed to regional broadcasting.

Why Is She Not Presenting South Today?

Sally Taylor is not showing herself to the South Today as she is in the hospital for further breast cancer treatment.

She informed all of her fans through her tweet on April 20, 2021.

She said on Twitter that she would return to television, but she also doesn’t know when.

Meet Her On Twitter.

Sally Taylor’s Twitter handle is @SALLYTAYLOR TV. She has a fan base of almost 8 million people.

Before being admitted to the hospital, she was active on Twitter.

On April 20, she tweeted about her recovery from a hospital stay.

Her most recent Twitter tweet came in October for her colleagues.