Footballer: Is Sam Kerr Indigenous? Boyfriend Or Partner -Is She Related To Daniel Kerr?

Footballer: Is Sam Kerr Indigenous? Boyfriend Or Partner -Is She Related To Daniel Kerr?

Is Sam Kerr Indigenous? Professional Australian woman football player Sam Kerr aka Samantha May Kerr is openly gay. 

Samantha May Kerr, widely recognized as Sam Kerr, is an Australian football player who is currently the captain of the Australian Women’s national team. 

Well, not just that, but Sam is also the leading player for Chelsea in the English FA Women’s Super League. 

Sam is one of the most renowned and reputed football players since she has numerous awards and titles in her possession. 

Also, Sam has numerous followers on her social handles, and there are many people who consider her as a great inspiration. 

With her recent incredible goal for the Australian team, she is widely being looked over on the web. 

Indeed, concerns regarding her ethnicity, relationship status, and other personal details are rising and are at their peak. 

Is Sam Kerr Indigenous? Her Ethnicity

Sam Kerr belongs to Aboriginal Ethnicity, so yes, she is indigenous. 

She is a proud aboriginal, and she frequently mentioned her racial heritage whenever she gets a chance. 

She was born in the west coastal areas of Australia, where the majority of people are aboriginal. 

Indeed, Sam has also posed with an aboriginal flag along with her team for the awareness against racism against the aboriginal people. 

Sam Kerr Boyfriend Or Partner: Is She Gay?

Sam Kerr does not have a boyfriend because she is openly gay. 

Hence her partner is the American soccer player Nikki Stanton with whom, she has been together for quite some time now. 

They do not reveal much about their relationship with each other. 

Also, they do not share much about each other on their social media like Instagram or any other platforms. 

Sam and Nikki are in an openly gay relationship which was revealed in 2019, but they were together since much more ago. 

Both of them are professional reputed in their own countries, and They are very popular across several media platforms. 

Is Sam Kerr Related To Daniel Kerr?

Yes, Sam Kerr is related to Daniel Kerr. 

Daniel Kerr is a professional former Australian rules footballer who was widely recognized as the player for the West Coast Eagles in the Australian Football League (AFL). 

And Daniel is the brother of Sam Kerr. Sam is the younger child of her parents, where the elder one is Daniel Kerr, aged 38 years. 

What Is Sam Kerr Net Worth?

Sam Kerr has a net worth of over $1.5 million. 

Since she is a professional footballer and plays for her national team as well as on different leagues, she most certainly does have a net worth of over one and a half million dollars. 

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