Sara Kuburic Husband Age and Wikipedia – Everything To Know About

Sara Kuburic Husband Age and Wikipedia – Everything To Know About

Who Is Sara Kuburic’s husband? Is the lady even married in the first place? Get to know everything about the therapist Sara Kuburic below.

Sara Kuburic is a Serbian-Canadian therapist, researcher and writer, also known popularly as the millennial therapist online.

Throughout the past several years, Sara has exponentially grown in popularity and recognition as a top-level therapist having the knowledge of psychology.

Now, Kuburic works as a columnist in USA Today where she shares different tips and ideas about one’s personal life and well being.

All this exposure and fame has obviously shifted the limelight towards her personal life and her fans are now curious to know more about her personally.

In the process, several of them are wondering if the lady is married to her husband.

Does Sara Kuburic Have A Husband?

As things stand, it doesn’t look like the therapist Sara Kuburic has a husband as she is not married to this date.

Apparently, there are no reports online that suggests the writer Kuburic getting married or having a husband.

Likewise, Sara herself has not revealed anything about her love partner on her social media accounts.

All these things hint towards the lady possibly being single and without a husband.

Hence, unless Sara Kuburic has kept the matter extremely secret under the wraps, she is thought to be unmarried and doesn’t have a husband.

How Old Is Sara Kuburic? Age Revealed

Guessing from her photos online, Sara Kuburic’s age seems to be around 25-30 years old.

Although the lady has not revealed her exact age, Kuburic has opened up about her birthday being on September 24 through her Instagram.

Besides that, Sara has also shared that she was into psychology from an early age as she has always wondered about human thoughts, actions and emotions since her teenage days.

Besides that, any detailed information about her childhood days is yet to be explored.

Does Sara Kuburic Have A Wikipedia?

No. Sara Kuburic doesn’t have a dedicated Wikipedia bio page to this date.

However, you can find more information about her on her official website and several other sources online.

Likewise, a lot of ideas about her career and profession as a therapist can also be found from the articles that she writes on online portals.

Regardless, considering her growth as a therapist, she might soon be featured on the Wikipedia page.

Meet Sara Kuburic On Instagram

Sara Kuburic can be found on Instagram under the handle @millennial.therapist.

Millennial Therapist is the name that she opted for herself from the comments of her fans on her Instagram posts.

Sara has a verified Instagram account with over 1 million followers where she usually shares posts about therapy, psychology and life.