SAS: Who Is Bassim Yaghi? Everything To Know About The Bodybuilder

SAS: Who Is Bassim Yaghi? Everything To Know About The Bodybuilder

Bassim Yaghi wet his pants before the challenge round of SAS Australia. After such embarrassment, fans want to know who he is and how he ended up in the show.

Bassim Yaghi is a professional bodybuilder and an emerging reality TV star. Moreover, he is a coach at the Australian Institute of Fitness.

Until now, Yaghi has helped many individuals to achieve their fitness goals. He is the idol for the people who want to build a career in the health and well-being industry.

After developing his body for more than 10 years, Bassim is currently the contestant for SAS Australia. The show challenges the physical and mental strength of an individual.

To put his strength to the test, Yaghi has joined the show. Until now, he is doing quite well, and hopefully, he will turn out as an eligible candidate for SAS.

SAS: Who Is Bassim Yaghi? Wikipedia Explored

Bassim Yaghi from SAS is not featured on a Wikipedia page.

However, some insights into his bio can be found online. He is a fitness expert who has been working in the industry for above 10 years.

As per his LinkedIn profile, Yaghi studied Bachelor of Applied Science in Sports & Exercise Science. He graduated in 2010 and got certified in 2011.

Later on, Bassim achieved a certificate in Training & Assessment. He began his career journey in 2011 from Fitness First Australia where he worked for over 5 years.

In 2016, Yaghi joined Crunch Fitness as a senior personal trainer. Moreover, he is the coach at the Australian Institute of Fitness (AIF) since 2018.

Bassim is in the spotlight for his presence in SAS Australia. Recently, before the start of a challenge round, he pi**ed in his pants which definitely did not impress the fans.  

Bassim Yaghi Age: How Old/Tall Is He?

In 2021, Bassim Yaghi is aged 32 years.

He has not disclosed his actual death of birth. But he is an Australian citizen currently based in New South Wales.

Looking at his pictures, Yaghi stands tall at a height of about 6 feet. Since he is a bodybuilder, he has a toned and muscular body.

Who Is Bassim Yaghi Married To? Meet His Wife

Bassim Yaghi does not have a wife as he is single.

He may have dated some beautiful women in the past. But as of now, he does not seem to be in a romantic relationship.

However, Yaghi will find a perfect partner in the future.

Details On Bassim Yaghi Family

Undoubtedly, Bassim Yaghi was brought up in a wonderful family.

However, he has not shared anything about them. Neither has he revealed their names nor he has posted pictures of them on social media.

It seems that Yaghi does not want to draw unnecessary attention to his parents or siblings.

Find Him On Instagram

With Bassim Yaghi’s popularity on SAS, his followers are also increasing on Instagram.

He posts his snippets as @bassimyaghi and has over 1.4K followers. According to his bio, he is a judge and bodybuilder at ANB. Besides, he is an educator at AIF.

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