SAS: Who Is Sandy Scott? Everything To Know About The Stay-At-Home Mum

SAS: Who Is Sandy Scott? Everything To Know About The Stay-At-Home Mum

SAS’s Sandy Scott, aged 35, who emphasized her family over career, enters the laborious Australian show.  

Sandy Scott is a Stay-at-home mum.

She is a working woman who left her hard-earned job for family care. 

Among 14 ordinary Aussies taking part in the reality show with the toughest, most intense selection course ever, she is also of the strong participants. Well, Scott can be seen making an appearance and showing her performances in the 2021’s SAS Australia Hell Week.

SAS: Who Is Sandy Scott? Age & Wikipedia

Sandy Scott from SAS Australia is aged 35-year-old former CPA accountant and now a full-time housewife.

Talking about her Wikipedia page, Sandy Scott has no feature on the mentioned site. As per Daily Mail, she dedicated her 13 years of time serving as an accountant before leaving it to take care of her family. 

We noticed from her social media handles that she uses these online platforms to aware people of cancer as she also is a cancer survivor.

Only her first name ‘Sandy’ is written on some web portals which has noted some descriptions about her and few moments of her difficult life journey.  

Sandy Scott Husband: Is She Married?

Sandy Scott has a loving husband named Bobby Jim Scott.

And, she shares an only daughter Lily and son James with her beloved life partner.

More on them, the Scott couple adores diving-related activities and prefers adventures for relaxation.

More On Sandy Scott Family 

Sandy Scott’s desire to extend her family-of-four came to an end after she got diagnosed with cancer.

Actually, she had cervical cancer. And, as a result, she had to undergo a surgery called a hysterectomy. This led both Sandy and her husband to cut off their dreams of having the next child.

Hailing from Queensland, the Australian native previously worked in the accounting sector. But, she later gave up her career because she wanted to prioritize her time with her family and take care of them, thus, being a stay-at-home mother.

Nonetheless, one thing is true that Sandy has a new approach towards life after such a fatal illness incident. 

Meet Sandy Scott On Instagram 

Sandy Scott is indeed on Instagram as @sandy_sctt.

According to her IG bio, she is a Recruit number 3 at SAS Australia which premieres on Channel 7 network. Likewise, her bio also states her as a PADI Freediver and PADI mermaid.

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