Sasha Haco Wikipedia: Everything To Know About The CEO of Unitary

Sasha Haco Wikipedia: Everything To Know About The CEO of Unitary

The young female Entrepreneur Sasha Haco isn’t featured on the Wikipedia page yet. Continue reading to explore more about Sasha’s career and personal life.

Sasha Haco Is An Entrepreneur and CEO of Unitary AI.

Besides this, she is also working as an EF LD12 cohort member of the Entrepreneur First from 2019.

She also worked as co-founder of Ditto Software from Jun 2018 to Jun 2019.

She has been rising on the media as a top entrepreneurial female below 30.

Also, her new documentary named The Guardian, which is about the Black Holes, has brought her to the media limelight.

Sasha Haco Wikipedia Bio And Husband

Until today, Sasha Haco isn’t surfaced on the official Wikipedia page. 

We can find her bio on online sites, including her Linkedin and TechRound.

Reviewing her education, she completed Ph.D. in theoretical physics before founding Unitary AI.

Moreover, during her Ph.D. Sasha worked with the late legend Stephen Hawking, where she mainly focused on studying a paradox of the black hole information.

Sasha completed a B.A. degree and M.D. from the University of Cambridge in natural sciences.

She co-founded Unitary company in 2019 in Cambridge, England, as a headquarter. 

Reviewing her awards, Sasha, during at Cambridge University, was awarded the Queens’s College Natural Sciences Prize and the Institute of Astronomy Prize as a First Class Honours.

Furthermore, she hasn’t revealed her husband and relationship status on media yet. Most probably, she is unmarried and single as well.

Sasha Haco Age: How Old Is She?

The young Entrepreneur Sasha Haco age is 28 years old. 

However, there isn’t any information accessible about Sasha’s actual date of birth and birthplace.

Sasha seems to stay on low key about her personal life.

What Is Sasha Haco Net Worth?

Until today, there is no exact valuation of Sasha Haco’s net worth.

However, considering her years of work as an entrepreneur and experience, Sasha must have collected an impressive amount of net worth yet.

Follow Sasha Haco On Instagram

The CEO of Unitary AI Company, Sasha, seems to be inactive on Instagram.

However, she is very on Twitter as @Hacosasha, where she has been followed by 1,205 followers yet.

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