What Is Sean Lew Ethnicity? Find Out About The Actor’s Nationality And Parents

What Is Sean Lew Ethnicity? Find Out About The Actor’s Nationality And Parents

 Is Sean Lew Asian? The young star has become really popular now as the fan are requesting much information about him. Learn all about him.

Sean Lew is a young multi-talented professional dancer and person who rose to prominence at the age of 11 when a video of his jazz-funk class routine choreographed by Miguel Zarate to Lady Gaga’s performance song “Applause” went viral in 2013 and catapulted him to stardom.

In 2018, he gained the greatest public attention for his performance as Sean & Kaycee on season two of NBC’s World of Dance.

What Is Sean Lew Ethnicity? 

A native of Los Angeles, Sean, is a descendant of Chinese, Japanese and Mongolian. So he shared ethnicity from three nations.

He began dancing as soon as he could walk. Sean began dancing at the age of four, inspired by his two elder sisters, Sarah and Sirris, and began competing at the age of five.

He has won several national and championship championships and was offered the opportunity to join The Pulse on Tour as an Elite Protege, allowing him to perfect his dancing skills. Sean began choreographing at the age of ten and soon became the ASH Nationals’ 1st Overall Champion.

Sean was featured on numerous news platforms when a video of him dancing to Lady Gaga’s “Applause” went viral in 2013. He was then shown performing nationwide on “The Queen Latifah Show.”

Who Are Sean Lew Parents?

Sean was born to parents Chuck and Miya. He is of mixed Chinese and Japanese ancestry. In terms of siblings, he has two elder sisters, Sarah and Serris Lew.

Sean’s family of five is close-knit, and they all support and assist one another in every way. Sean expresses his love for them in beautiful images and remarks on his social media pages.

On 14 March 2018, Sean posted an old photo of himself and his mother on Instagram, which was a great example of this circumstance.

He shared the photo on the occasion of his mother’s birthday, and he went out of his way to make his mother feel special.

He dedicated the caption to his mother and expressed his thanks for her by noting that he would not have been successful without her.

 What Is Sean Lew Age?

Sean Lewis 21 years of age as he was born in November 2001.

Sean was a featured member who competed in the Junior level of NBC’s “World of Dance” during its first season.

The next season, he returned with his dance partner, Kaycee Rice, as the hip hop fusion pair Sean & Kaycee, and made it to the Junior category finals performing original pieces he created at the age of 16.

Sean, in addition to dance and performing, is also involved in the culinary sector. I

n 2016, he was crowned “Chopped Junior” winner, and he also had the privilege of competing in the “Rachael Ray versus Guy Fieri Kids Cook-Off,” where he won three primary tasks.



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