Senator Bob Dole Age: Everything On His Wife, Family and Net Worth

Senator Bob Dole Age: Everything On His Wife, Family and Net Worth

Born on the 22nd of July in the year 1923, Bob Dole’s age is currently 97 years old.

Bob Dole is one of the seniormost politicians in the United States of America at present time. He is an experienced politician and has also worked in Army.

Bob Dole started the journey into politics during the 1950s. He ran few elections here and there. Bob started getting attention thanks to his charismatic persona and good oratory skills. He has been in important positions of government in his career.

Quick Facts:

Name Bob Dole
Birthday July 22, 1923
Age 97
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Politician
Net Worth $40 million
Married/Single Married
Wife Elizabeth Dole
Children Robin Dole
Divorce Phyllis Holden
Twitter @SenatorDole

Bob Dole Age and Bio

Bob Dole who is 97 years of age, recently announced that he is suffering from stage 4 of lung cancer.

He has said that the situation is critical but will be undergoing treatment in the best of hospitals in America. 

Bob Dole has worked as the Senate Majority Leader for 3 terms in his long political career. During the year 1942-1948 Bob Dole worked in the military and participated in the Second World War.

Facts To Know About Bob Dole

  1. According to Wikipedia, Bob Dole’s first wife’s name is Phyllis Holden. She worked as a therapist in the Army Hospitals. Bob Dole married her just after three months of their first meeting in 1948.
  2. Likewise, Bob Dole after his divorce from his first wife married Elizabeth Dole. Elizabeth Dole was a politician who has worked as Cabinet Secretary and as US Senator.
  3. Talking about his family, Bob Dole has one daughter from his first marriage to Phyllis Holden whose name is Robin Dole.
  4. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Bob Dole is worth a whopping $40 million. Most of his wealth work as a senator and also as an army veteran.
  5. One interesting fact about Bob Dole is that he likes to address himself in the third person in his conversations.
  6. Bob Dole is active on Twitter under the username @SenatorDoleHe currently has 32.2k followers on his account.

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