Serge Thériault Depression And Health Update: Everything About The Comedian From Quebec

Serge Thériault Depression And Health Update: Everything About The Comedian From Quebec

Quebec Comedian and actor, Serge Theriault’s documentary, Dehors Serge Dehors, is releasing on November 13 which is based on his battle with depression for almost 7 seven years.

Serge Theriault is a Canadian comedian and an actor from Quebec. He went into serious Conjointe depression for almost seven years.

The comedian was born on April 23, 1948, in Quebec City. He is 73 years old. His zodiac sign is Taurus. 

Serge is known for his work in Sing et Dong with Claude Meunier, spin-off series La Petite Vie as Moman. He also appeared in Le Sphinx, Gaz Bar Blues, Les Boys, etc.

He is also known to be portraying a gay character for the first time in Quebec television series. The name of the series was Two’s a Crowd.

Serge Thériault Conjointe Depression: His Health Update

Serge Theriault was is in a serious depression around seven years ago. He is still recovering from it.

After Serge’s depression, he completely disappeared from the cinema and artistic world.

There is also a documentary made about his life and how he fell into depression. The film is called Dehors Serge Dehors.

The documentary film consists of his family members too. The film is going to be released on November 13.

The grand premiere of the movie is going to be at the Recontres internationally du documentaire de Montreal. The documentary is made by Martin Fournier and Pier-Luc Latulippe.

Serge Thériault Family Details

Serge Theriault is married to Anna Suazo. He also has a daughter, Melina Theriault. The comedian’s best support during his depression years was his family.

The upcoming documentary about Serge is going to showcase how his wife, daughter, and few friends were helping to recover from depression.

Serge is not fully recovered from his depression. His family is always by his sides through his tuff times and how he self-isolated himself from the world.

What is Serge Thériault Net Worth 2021?

Serge Theriault’s estimated net worth is $9 million as of 2021.

He was one of the best comedian actors to appeared on Quebec television. He has earned a lot from the media industry.

But Serge’s tackle with depression led him to be unemployed. During those seven years, he didn’t earn money as he wouldn’t get out of the house. 

Well, a documentary about his life and depression is coming out which means he is going to get a lot of honor for it.