Who Is Jonathan Campano? Details To Know About The Cast From Sex Appeal

Who Is Jonathan Campano? Details To Know About The Cast From Sex Appeal

Sex Appeal’s cast Jonathan Campano has no Wikipedia but an IMDB page to his name. Let’s learn more about the emerging actor in the write-up below.

Jonathan Campano Is An Actor.

Making his debut in thriller and horror movie The Skeptic playing the role of a student in 2009, he later went on to be a part of other 13 dramas. 

Jonathan Campano is well known for his work on White Creek, The Place Beyond the Pines, Virgin Alexander, and many more.

In 2022, the rising actor is creating hype for his engagement in the comedic and romantic drama, Sex Appeal, where he portrays the character of Woodshop Student.

Sex Appeal: Jonathan Campano Wikipedia And Age

Jonathan Campano is an entertaining artist who has 14 acting credits to his name.

He makes fewer public appearances and does not seem to have a digital presence on social media platforms as well.

From his IMDb, the Sex Appeal star has three additional crew credits and two thanking credits. Well, Campano is currently in the filming process of a documentary titled In Search of Tomorrow.

Jonathan Campano’s real age is unknown but we guess him to be above his 20s. 

More on him, Campano also has experience being involved as the production assistant for the movies Off Limits and Virgin Alexander.

Actually, even the details of his family are also not in existence on the internet. 

Jonathan Campano Height 

Jonathan Campano’s height might be above 5 feet.

Actually, we are clueless about his physical appearance, so obviously the questions about his age or body stature totally go out of the question. 

Meet Jonathan Campano On Instagram

We failed to trace Jonathan Campano’s account on Instagram and other networking sites.

One thing is for sure that the actor has made sure to maintain a private life when it’s out of his reel life works. And, his absence in these online platforms created difficulty in exploring his personal life and getting to know a little more about the actor. 

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