Who Is Shelby Abramson TikTok? What Did The Deputy Shelby Do To Get Suspended?

Who Is Shelby Abramson TikTok? What Did The Deputy Shelby Do To Get Suspended?

Deputy of Orange County sheriff’s office, Shelby Abramson, is suspended for three weeks over her TikTok videos. Let’s find out what actually did the officer in uniform do.

Shelby Abramson is a normal American citizen who is honored with the deputy’s uniform.

She is serving the sheriff’s office since 2019 and works as a school resource officer.

Abramson has breached some rules of the Organized and Serious Crimes Ordinance (OSCO).

As per the rules, the officers are allowed to have social media accounts, but they are prohibited to flex their uniforms and badges.

Shelby Abramson TikTok Videos

Shelby Abramson began making TikTok videos in 2019 after she was hired by the sheriff’s office.

By now, she has amassed 80.5K followers and 318.2K likes. She uploads videos under the user ID of @shelltothebeee.

Even after detention, Shelby continued posting videos on social media.

The videos are on the uniform, but it seems that it was made after the duty. Also, the sounds did not contain any explicit words.

Shelby Abramson: What Did Deputy Shelby Do?

Shelby Abramson has posted several videos on the uniform.

In late 2020, a fellow officer saw her streaming live on duty and complained to the higher authorities.

As a result, a supervisor called her immediately and advised her to stop the streaming.

The supervisor verbally counseled her and even wrote an e-mail to stop going online during duty.

But less than a month after receiving a mail, Shelby posted another video.

The video included her in uniform dancing to ‘Me Too’ by Kevin Gates, which has sexually charged lyrics.

Initially, Abramson mentioned that she cut out the portion containing explicit lyrics.

But later on, she acknowledged that she should not have posted it.

On an investigation, Shelby told that she discussed the agency’s policies with a lieutenant.

However, the lieutenant denied it and did not remember meeting her at all.

Meet Shelby Abramson On Instagram

Shelby Abramson is active on Instagram and has gained 1.5K fans.

She often posts her family pictures. She is married to her husband, Nick Obrien, and has 3 beautiful kids. Besides, she has 3 cute dogs as well. 

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